Acrylic bath: the pros and cons of its installation

If you decide to purchase an acrylic bath, thenIt is necessary to know about its advantages and disadvantages. Almost all these products are made from Dutch and Austrian acrylic. This raw material has antibacterial properties. General characteristics for all types of acrylic are resistance to UV and chemicals.

Acrylic bath pluses and minuses

Acrylic bath: pluses and minuses in terms of care

These devices can be easily washed, their externalthe appearance does not change for a very long time, that is, the gloss, pleasant to the eyes, persists long enough. The only thing that turns out to be able to spoil the appearance of acrylic bathtubs is mechanical damage in the form of deep scratches. However, such a shortcoming will be eliminated very simply, since in the places where such baths are purchased, it is easy to buy special sets of the appropriate color for repair and maintenance.

Acrylic or cast iron bath

Acrylic bath: the pros and cons of using

A very significant advantage is the highlevel of preservation of temperature. In half an hour the water in the acrylic bath loses only a degree in temperature. It is this property that makes such baths so popular for use in the treatment rooms of hospitals and sanatoriums. In home use, they also showed themselves very well.

How to install an acrylic bathtub

Acrylic bath: the pros and cons when choosing

Choose such a device is veryattentively. A weighty factor is the outer edge. It is necessary to estimate its thickness and the number of layers from which the bath is made. The very top layer is acrylic itself. Its thickness should be 4-5 millimeters. If you decide whether the acrylic or cast-iron bath is better, then it should be understood that the first one should consist of three layers: acrylic, fiberglass carcass and special resins. Cast-iron bath is a cast product, which is of high quality and strength, but very heavy. To buy a new bath is exclusively in the specialized sanitary ware shops that have all the required product documents, and also have the right to print warranty coupons. If the specialty of the store is only an acrylic bath, the pros and cons of which we are considering, then it is guaranteed to offer quality products. In addition, there are always new models available.

At the moment, the best optionpurchase is the purchase of domestic products. For example, the company "Triton" gives its customers a guarantee for baths for up to ten years, and for fittings and hydromassage devices - up to a year.

If you decide to buy a bath, then youIt is worth knowing that it can have any shape and size. The most common option is a square and a rectangle, and can also be asymmetric and angled baths. Rare in the market you can find products of fantasy forms. However, if necessary, the manufacturer can order a bath of any shape. Of course, the cost of such a product will be slightly higher, but it will fully meet the requirements of the owner.

At the moment, this choice is optimalfor the complete bathroom. It remains only unresolved the question of how to install an acrylic bath, but it is worthy of a separate consideration. It can only be noted that the installation process of such a bath is not particularly difficult, since each product is usually accompanied by an instruction. Convenient design and thoughtful installation mechanism allows you to do this very quickly even without the necessary experience.

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