Metal tile "Norman" - reliability at an affordable price

No building can not do without roofingcoating. The metal tile "Norman", which is considered to be the best in its price range, is becoming more popular today. Its characteristics, claimed by the manufacturer, are true. Therefore, when choosing this coating, you can get a beautiful, reliable and durable roof at a low price.


Metal tile "Monterrey Norman" has found its application in construction due to its advantages:
- strength (high-strength steel is used for fabrication of the material);
- resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
- Ability to preserve the original shade;
- a wide range of colors to help decorate the appearance of the whole building and implement different design ideas;

Metal tile Norman

- durability (the coating will last more than 10 years with proper installation and operation);
- a variety of sizes, which simplifies installation;
- attractiveness and expressiveness of the profile;
- resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress;
- ecological compatibility;
- fire safety;
- Opportunities of carrying out work at negative temperatures.


This polymer coating is very similar topolyester, however it is distinguished by higher strength and corrosion protection. This became possible due to strict quality control in the production process and normalization of the main characteristics.

1. The thickness of the metal. Metal tile "Norman" is made of steel with a thickness of more than 0.5 mm. Its counterparts are much thinner.

Metal Tile Norman Characteristics

2.The amount of zinc in the coating is considered a very important characteristic, since the substance is responsible for the corrosion resistance. Its insufficient content will lead to the fact that the material will lose its positive qualities. The described article is coated with zinc with a layer of 140 g / m2. Similar products either do not have it, or are protected at a minimum.

3. The polymer coating of the described article is more than 25 μm. To the more budgetary material there are no requirements for this characteristic.

4. Metal "Norman" (the characteristics can be seen in the table) is made of high-quality steel, so it will last several decades (guarantee - 10 years).

Comparative characteristics
CharacteristicPolyesterMetal tile "Norman"
Thickness of metalup to 0.5 mm (usually 0.4 mm)from 0,5 mm
Galvanizingbelow grade 2from 140 g / m2 (2nd class of zinc)
Polymer coatingup to 25 micronsfrom 25 microns
Color fastnessbloomsresistant to fading
The weight4 kg / m25 kg / m2
Guarantee period1 year10 years

Dimensions and application

The sheets of material can have different sizes, butmost often they are manufactured in lengths of 500, 1190, 2250, 3650 mm. At the same time, manufacturers are ready to cut products to individual order (up to 8 m). However, it is not necessary to purchase material longer than 4 m - there will be problems with transportation, storage and installation.

Metal Monterrey Norman

Metal tile "Norman" is used for slopingRoofs with a minimum gradient of 14 degrees. This restriction applies to roofs exposed to wind and snow loads. In southern regions, you can lay the material on more gentle coverings. Mount it can be in any weather, as the protective layer will save from cracking. These roofing products are suitable for any public, multi-storey building (for canopies over balconies) and a private house.


Metal tile "Norman" fit intocrate, which is attached to the rafters (roof trusses). The cladding can have a section of 25 x 100 mm, 32 x 100, 50 x 50 mm (depends on the pitch of the rafters), and is located at a pitch of 350 mm (coincides with the pitch of the waves).

Above the crate is waterproofing,which is placed with an overlap of at least 100 mm. The film is attached to the bars with a stapler, while leaving a small shed for draining moisture. On it it is not necessary to save, otherwise the water will fall into the under-roof space and cause decay of load-bearing structures and thermal insulation.

Coating of metal tile Norman

The first sheet is aligned at the end andfalls 40-50 mm below the edge of the hanging part of the rafters. Installation is best done from right to left. Then the second and each subsequent sheet will be placed on top of the previous one. After stacking each element is temporarily fastened with several screws.

After the layout of all sheets, the fasteners are screwed into the base of each wave. By the length of the building they are located through a row. It should be borne in mind that for 1 m2 coating needs 8 screws. End rails are installed on the skate junctions, and wind elements in the area of ​​the ends. Then they are fixed by screws every 400 mm.

Covering the metal tile "Norman" allowsget a beautiful and durable roof with a small cash outlay. The peculiarity of the material lies in geometric parameters, close to natural clay tiles.

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