Lantern for a summer residence: features of a choice

street lamp
Everyone who has a dacha knows well thatlighting of the site is no less important than caring for trees, weeding vegetables and harvesting. It is this that guarantees your safety. In addition, any lighted area looks much more attractive and serves as an indicator of your economic and prudence. That's why it's worth to buy at least one lantern for the dacha.

All lighting depending on their functionsis divided into technical and decorative. The first is used for lighting houses and buildings, which are used constantly. This includes the steps, wickets, paths to the house. They must be lighted up necessarily. Decorative lights for the dacha are used to decorate the garden. You can do without them, if you do not live there permanently, but the presence of lamps will give a special sophistication and attractiveness to landscape design. Will make your garden well maintained and safe.

Street lanterns for cottages come in different shapes and designs:

street lights for summer residence

  • Wall mounted floodlights. In addition to the walls they can be located on poles. Combine the technical and decorative functions.
  • Ground lamps. You can choose such a lantern for a dacha whose foundation is buried in the ground. Its task is to illuminate from below. Used for lighting or tracks, or decorative areas.
  • Lamps-floor lamps. They have a base (support) and an upper cover, which is often made in the form of a ball or a mushroom. They are placed most often around the perimeter of the site.
  • If you have your own pond, you can buy a floating lantern for giving. They are in the form of water lilies, balls and any other form.
  • Lamps on solar batteries. If you are unwilling to stretch the cable and damage the tracks or the flower bed, you can also use flashlights with a built-in rechargeable battery. During the day, he will absorb solar energy, and with the onset of twilight, illuminate your possessions with a soft white-yellow light.

To start to be engaged in illumination of a site it is necessary first of all. Only then you can break the garden or flower beds, to plan a place for greenhouses and beds.

What you need to pay attention when choosing a flashlightfor the country? Of course, the material from which the lamp is made. It must be waterproof. Otherwise, a short circuit may occur during rain or snow. In addition, it is better to choose a lighting device to which dust does not adhere.

decorative lanterns for giving

Further it is recommended to determine the incandescent lamp. Now any trucker is available different models: sodium, halogen, luminescent, LED.

Do not forget about the optimum height of the lantern. If you want to install it near the gate, then you'll need a lamp up to a meter and a half. In the same case, when there are many lanterns, there will be enough 30-centimeter constructions.

It would not hurt to decide on the color scheme. It will be better if it harmoniously fits into the landscape design.

And a little tip for the last: do not skimp on lighting. Cheap lights usually do not comply with safety regulations. Remember: the miser pays twice.

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