How to create a ground clamp with your own hands? A few good tips

If you have special attachmentson the motoblock, then it can show quite good results: reliability, durability and strength. The main task of any motoblock is soil processing. That's why the owners of such equipment simply need to know how to make a gibbet with their own hands.

What is the main function of a traction hook for a motoblock?

Undoubtedly, the main characteristic of thisThe aggregate, which helps it to be more reliable and durable, is its weight. To hang a heavy enough and functional canopies, you need to ensure that the motoblock was large enough and reliable. But this is not the main thing. It is important that he can move well on loose ground, and for this you need either to buy or make grousers for the motoblock with your own hands.

As a rule, grousers arewheels made of metal with a number of spikes. They allow the motoblock to move perfectly in any conditions. What do you need to create a clog-grapple with your own hands? First of all you need to find a drawing or diagram. Their presence will greatly facilitate the work. Next, determine the diameter of the canopy, select the right material and the necessary tools. Before creating, also think about their size, which should completely depend on the tasks that you put before the motoblock. In addition, remember that for a normal grip, the wheel must have a weight of at least 20 kg.

Gruntozapsev own hands

Scheme for creating a lug

In order to make your earth shoe, made with your own hands,was simple and inexpensive, you can take a few unnecessary drives from old car wheels. To them it will be necessary to attach with the help of a welding machine the semiaxis, to which then the bearings will be fixed. Also, the discs will need to weld square plates of metal. They must necessarily touch the rim, they must be screwed to it with bolts. Now it's the turn to create special teeth that will enter the ground. To create them you can use an ordinary metal plate, which is made in the form of teeth by a bulgarian. Place the received hooks along the rim at a distance of about 15 cm from each other.

Gruntozatsepy own hands for the cultivator

How to make grousers: method No. 2

To make a good ground shroud with your own hands,you can use one more method. You will need an old gas cylinder for work. From it you can cut two discs that will play the role of rims. Their width should be about 7 cm, and the height - 30 cm. Next, you need to do the same as described above in the first method.

If you want to groove, with your own handsfor the cultivator, made, were more stable, you can additionally weld one more tooth from above, and all the others make a longer (up to 60 cm).

What are the dimensions of the grousers?

Here everything depends on how heavymotoblock. Despite the fact that heavy motor blocks are very popular today, because they can work on any soil, they often buy those that are broad and higher. Accordingly, it is more difficult for them to make a ground clamp with their own hands. Dimensions can vary from 310 mm to 700 mm (height), from 100 mm to 200 mm (width). Also here it is worth paying attention to the model motoblock.

Gruntozatsepy for motoblock own hands

We make grousers from old motoblock disks

If you already had a similar unit, but you decidedto get yourself a newer model, do not rush to throw out the old motoblock completely. Its spare parts can be used to improve a new purchase. In particular, to improve the perfect fit wheel rims, on which you can hang grousers.

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