Universal seal for metal

Modern sealant for metalis made for existing roofing. It can have a form that coincides with the shape of the wave of the covering material. This material is intended for sealing gaps. It allows you to exclude the penetration of moisture, dirt and snow, as well as small branches and fallen leaves under the shingles.


The compactor for metal tiles hasventilation felling, which ensures the ventilation of the inner layer and the proper operation of the roofing cake. These seals can be made of foamed polyvinyl chloride, which has the qualities of elasticity and lightness.

compactor for metal

In addition, this material has closed pores. It is moisture resistant, which allows you to retain quality for several decades, even when water is constantly affected by it. The sealant does not decay, is resistant to various effects, is environmentally friendly, harmless to the environment and has an insulating quality.

The main varieties

The sealant for metal can beclassify by two varieties. The first is intended for laying between a profiled coating and a ridge and is called a straight seal. The second is placed between the cornice and the profiled base, as well as in the junctions. Its name is the reverse seal.

compactor for metal tile

Main characteristics of the sealant

The density of the sealant can vary up to 35 kg / m3. It has excellent waterproofingproperties. This indicates that the water absorption does not exceed 1.5%. The material is microbiologically constant, indicating that it is resistant to mold and rot, aggressive media, and chemicals.

The compactor for metal cancontact with gasoline and oil, without losing its quality characteristics. We should not forget about ecological and hygienic safety, because products that are harmless to the environment are very much appreciated today.

This material is elastic and elastic, which facilitatesinstallation work. Products are quite easy to cut, as well as welding with a soldering iron and a building hair dryer. The material can be glued with special formulations or double-sided adhesive tape. As an alternative solution for fixing, you can use nails or a furniture stapler.


The compactor for metal tile haslongevity, it is capable for a long time to maintain its performance. In some cases, the manufacturer speaks of 90 years, during which the material will not require replacement.

The operating temperature range is sufficientwide and measured in the range from -60 to +95 ° C. For private homes, fire safety standards are also important. The sealant under the shingles of metal tiles belongs to class G2, which makes the material moderately flammable or hardly inflammable.

Description of the sealant for the ridge of metal

As one of the important componentsdrainage system of buildings for any purpose is a ridge seal. It excludes the penetration of atmospheric precipitation under the roof and into the room. If you own a private house whose roof is poorly sealed, then you should be aware of the problem of roof cake leaks, which leads to the need for annual repairs.

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Use of this element allowsextend the operating lines of the rafter system and insulation materials. Seals are mounted between the metal roof and the ridge, as well as the base of the roof, even before the master starts the installation. This is especially important for hip roofs, when the sealing element is installed diagonally relative to the roof slope.

Types of ridge seal

Ridge compactor for metal roofing canto belong to one of three kinds, namely to self-expanding, universal and profile. The first variety is made of polyurethane foam, which is impregnated with polymer during production. As the last can act acrylic. To fix the seal on the surface of the element there is a self-adhesive strip. Ideally self-expanding parts are suitable for cracks in the arrangement of the roof.

The sealant for the ridge of metal can beuniversal. In this case, a polyurethane film is used in the production process, which acts as a filter. Through it, air can freely penetrate, but the material excludes the accumulation of excess moisture, not skipping snow and dirt, as well as foliage.

As for the profile devices, they are made of foamed polyethylene.

ridge sealant for metal tile

Need to use a sealant

Many consumers are wondering whyIt is necessary to use a sealant for metal roofing, if the elements are so tightly pressed against each other. The answer lies in the fact that the sheets, although closely located to each other, so that the seams are not noticeable, there are still gaps between the additional elements of the metal tile. This is due to the fact that the Finnish and Russian metal tiles profile is performed in the form of a wave. This feature is the main distinctive quality of the material for the roof.

Additional elements in the form of ridge and valley havea straight profile, so that large holes remain between the wave and the plane, the width of which is 150 mm, while the height is 20 to 30 mm. Thus, the seal is installed from two sides of the profile to the hinge, on both sides of the valley, as well as on one side of the wall and wind bars.


The question is whether there is much watercan get into the space under the roof, because the covering material comes under the skate by 5 cm or more, while the ramps are inclined. If there is no wind, the moisture will not fall, but if it is very strong, the water will be driven inside. Rain water will fall under the roof, as for snow in winter, which is driven even into the smallest cracks.

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