Meat grinders "Polaris": reviews and reviews of popular models

Household appliances brand "Polaris" (Polaris) for the first timeappeared on the domestic market of home appliances in the early 90's, and the founders of the company were talented students of one of the Moscow universities. The first TVs of the brand were produced using the technological capacities of Philips, but in 10 years the first plant for the production of audio and video equipment was opened in Russia. Over a relatively short time, the company has expanded its range several times, and now, along with climate and thermal equipment, it produces almost all the known large and small household appliances, including Polaris meat grinders. Customer feedback on Polaris products confirm the high quality of the assembly of products. The objective opinion of buyers about popular models of meat grinders "Polaris" is presented in our article.

Reviews of the mincer Polaris PMG 1722

Presented model of electric meat grindersingle-speed. One of the main advantages of the device is its shutdown in case of overheating. The power of the meat grinder is 1700 W, and the productivity is 1.4 kg / min. The kit includes 4 nozzles: standard with a hole diameter of 5 mm, 2 graters and shredding drum type for vegetables. These are the main characteristics of the meat grinder "Polaris".

mince polaris reviews

Customer feedback on the operation of the device by 95%positive. In the meat grinder they are attracted by stylish design, compact size, high functionality and low noise level during operation. Among the shortcomings, buyers note the lack of equipment, namely the presence of only one standard nozzle for grinding meat.

Meat grinder "Polaris" 1726: customer reviews

Model PMG 1726 - an excellent budgetary meat grinder withminimum necessary functions. The complete set includes only a disk from stainless steel in diameter of 5 mm and a plastic pusher for products. The power of this model is 1700 W, and the performance reaches 1.5 kg / min. The manufacturer provides a reverse function. Everyone who is looking for an easy-to-use and reliable device for grinding meat in his kitchen will just like the compact grinder "Polaris" PMG 1726.

mincer grill 1726 reviews

Customer feedback on the work presentedthe device is 90% positive. In general, the device copes well with all the tasks. Of the shortcomings, buyers noted only a small number of nozzles, which greatly limits the possibilities of meat grinders.

Reviews of the mincer Polaris PMG 1820 L

Multifunctional and stylish meat grinder Polaris PMG 1820 L with a power of 1800 W and a capacity of 1.8 kg per minute is one of the best products of Polaris. For many technical characteristics it differs favorably from other devices of a similar type. The meat processor is equipped with:

  • reverse function;
  • switch with LED backlight;
  • PROtect + technology, providing engine protection against overload;
  • anti-slip feet;
  • metal scoop and screw.

minus grinder polaris pmg reviews

The set includes a nozzle for cookingsausages and kebbe, 2 discs made of high-quality steel (5.7 mm). It is not necessary to have a bulky harvester in the kitchen, since most of its functions are performed by the mincer Polaris PMG.

Customer feedback on the operation of the device is confirmed,that the presented model of meat grinder will become an indispensable assistant in filling sausages and chopping meat. Meat grinder works quietly, but at the same time it perfectly performs all the necessary functions.

Meat mincer "Polaris" 1828: feedback about work

The meat grinder of model PMG 1828 ideally approaches asfor home use, and for a small cafe. It has a compact design, due to which it occupies a minimum of space in the kitchen. The performance of the mincer "Polaris" of the presented model reaches 1.8 kg / min, the power of the household appliance is 1800 W. The set includes two nozzles with different hole diameters, which are ideal for grinding meat, however, like all Polaris meat grinders.

mince grinder polaris 1828 reviews

Comments of grateful customers on the operation of the deviceconfirm that the budget model PMG 1828 is one of the most convenient in the work. A very sharp knife easily chops the veins and seals, not just the flesh.

Electrolux Polaris PMG 2027 L

One of the most popular models of meat grinders for buyers is Polaris PMG 2027 L.The power of this device is as much as 2000 W, and the productivity reaches 2 kg / min. This means that in just 60 seconds from the prepared meat you can get 2 kg of quality minced meat. A special feature of the model is the presence of a reverse function and a switch with LED backlighting.

Customers like the complete set of meat grinder"Polaris". Customer feedback on the operation of the device is confirmed by the high quality of equipment, convenience and wide functionality of the meat grinder. The set includes 2 metal nets for mincemeat (5 and 7 mm), vegetable cutter and plastic pusher for products.

Reviews of the mincer Polaris PMG 2029

The meat mincer of the presented model is characterized bystylish design, small size and high performance. With this device, in just 2 minutes, you can process 2 kg of meat, along with veins, ligaments and fat. The model is single-speed, power 2000 watts. The kit includes 2 standard nozzles with a diameter of 5 and 7 mm, grater and shredder for vegetables.

mincer polaris pmg 1726 reviews

Customers who bought Polaris MincerPMG 2029, no longer know the worries of making minced meat, shredding vegetables and fruits. Operation of the device guarantees economical energy consumption. According to customers, this is the best budgetary electric meat grinder, which deserves only positive feedback.</ span </ p>

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