Sliding partitions in the room - the best way to zoning the room

Quite often it happens that zoning -this is the only way to turn a small and not very cozy room into a real work of art designers. In other words, it can make your room comfortable for living. The sliding partitions in the room will help achieve this.

sliding partitions in the room

These are amazing designs, allowing in onecreate a living area, a bedroom, a small and cozy study and a recreation area. Many varieties of partitions allow creating an interior in any style. It should be noted that there is no clear classification by type of sliding partitions in the room. They are distinguished for their purpose:

- for the bedroom;

- for the living room;

- for the kitchen or dining room.

In addition, they can be divided into features of the design. Two main mechanisms are most common:

- "accordion";

- with roller suspension.

Both variants are successfully used forzoning of premises. The sliding partitions in the suspended room have a roller mechanism and a so-called pencil case. Due to the sufficient diameter of the rollers and the existing bearings, the webs of the partition easily move.

sliding partitions in the room photo

It is necessary to know that softness and smooth runningin many respects affect the durability of the structure, so when installing it, you should make sure that the system is well adjusted. Such sliding partitions in the room can be installed instead of the interior doors, as well as for zoning. For example, in the children's room you can separate the game part from the sleeping area. In these partitions all the canvases are mobile or one or two stationary ones.

The "accordion" system is a successful combinationsliding and swinging opening systems. Its main difference lies in the fact that the cloths are connected together. With the help of special loops such sliding partitions in the room (the photo you see in this article) are attached to the wall. By its principle, this design resembles a screen that, if necessary, is folded and unfolded. The durability of these systems depends on the manufacturer, the materials used, the accuracy of the treatment.

The choice of design depends on your preferences and room facilities (for example, for "accordion" more space is required).

What can be made of partition walls? As a sheet material can be all that your heart desires. If noise and light insulation is important for you, you can use chipboard, decorated and tinted glass, mirrors, etc.

For zoning often use decorativepartitions made of fabric with a specially printed pattern. Today septa with glass with photo printing become very popular. As you understand, you can choose any material, you just need to fantasize a little.

sliding partitions in the room prices

Sliding partitions in the room, the prices for whichvary from 15 to 60 thousand rubles, are able to radically change the room, create a special atmosphere. The cost of construction depends on the manufacturer, the material of the size of the partition. The most expensive products are tempered glass.

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