How to paint the walls in an apartment stylishly, quickly, efficiently

Increasingly, the owners of apartments preferpainting the walls. This option of finishing really deserves attention: if the work is performed at a high level, then the result can exceed all expectations. In this article, you will find rules and advice on how to paint the walls in an apartment. After all, if the repair is done carelessly, then living in such a room will be uncomfortable.

How to paint the walls in an apartment

For the paint to look spectacular, itsIt should be applied on a perfectly flat surface. This is the main answer to the question "how to paint the walls in the apartment." As a rule, the walls in the room are not ideal, which means that they must first be leveled with a putty. Only after this you will be able to go directly to painting.

For work you will need the following materials and tools:

  • primer;
  • putty (starting and finishing);
  • paint;
  • sandpaper;
  • putty knife;
  • brushes;
  • rollers;
  • tray for paint;
  • capacity for spreading putty;
  • rags.

Paint the walls in the apartment photo

To protect yourself from possible injuries,Eyeglasses to protect your eyes and a reliable stepladder. Instead of a ladder you can use other means - a table or a stool, the main thing is that it would be convenient for them to paint the walls in the apartment. The photo shows a tall stepladder, which you need if you have to work at a sufficiently high altitude.

How to properly perform the preparatory work:

  1. If the walls in your apartment were previouslywallpapered, then first remove them. In those places where the old wallpaper is kept too firmly, it must be moistened with water beforehand, and then removed, with a knife or spatula.
  2. Walls are checked for irregularities and carefully leveled: we remove the plots of old plaster, which hold loose, and ground the surface.
  3. When the soil dries, we apply with a spatula the starting putty, and after its complete drying we clean the surface with sandpaper and primer.
  4. Now we apply a thin layer of finishing putty and let it dry completely, after which we very carefully sand it. We apply the last layer of the primer and wait for it to dry.

How to paint the walls in the apartment correctly

After the primer has completely dried, we can start painting. If you do not know how to properly paint the walls, quickly and efficiently, you will be helped by simple rules:

  1. For painting walls inside the premises it is better to use water-based paint that dries quickly, practically has no sharp odor and is safe for health.
  2. Staining of the walls starts from the ceiling, from above, in this case you can evenly paint the spray, which will fall on the still untreated sections of the wall.
  3. Cover the walls better with a special roller, dipping it into the tray. To remove excess paint from the roller, roll it slightly over the surface of the tray.
  4. In hard-to-reach places and in the corners use a brush.
  5. To produce a saturated color, apply 2-3 layers of paint.
  6. Give the paint time so that it has time to dry well.

How to paint the walls correctly

We hope that from this article you learned how to paint the walls in the apartment, and if you follow the recommendations, your home will shine with new shades.

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