Balcony design - great opportunities in a small space

Agree, almost all residents of megacities inthe end of the working week are eager to get out of town, into the bosom of nature. However, not all and not always have the strength and ability to regularly choose at least the nearest forest belt. Properly designed design of the balcony or loggia will help to relax after a day's work or a week of tired city dwellers.

Balcony and balcony design

A little imagination, and the design of the balcony will turna small piece of a city apartment in the terrace of a wooden cottage or in a cozy Mediterranean patio, or maybe - in a respectable backyard of a good-quality brick mansion. Modern manufacturers offer a huge number of a variety of materials, decor, landscape furniture. Such "assistants" make it possible to transform the boring and sad space in which unnecessary old things are stored, into a cozy and comfortable place.

The design of the balcony and the loggia will help to make of these rooms an organic continuation of the whole apartment.


Before starting a radical change,critically assess the condition of the fence. Usually it looks boring, formal. However, it should be remembered that this is the element that most of all falls in the field of vision. A beautiful fence emphasizes the style of the urban "patio". Planning the design of the balcony, loggia, you can use forged or glass railings, allowing you to admire the panoramas of the city. Those who care, in the first place, about confidentiality, should prefer the blind buildings in the form of brickwork.

Do not overload the base plates of balconies, so pay attention to materials that have a small weight.


Carry out the design of the balcony, maintain the style. So, imitation of facing with a stone approaches practically to all variants of an interior, it is necessary to take care only of color and the invoice of false materials. For wall covering, you can also use decorative panels or lining.

Design of a balcony, loggia

Open balconies are exposedprecipitation, as well as low temperatures. Therefore, when designing a balcony, it is worth choosing landscape materials used for covering terraces or paths. For this purpose, ceramic tiles, artificial turf, terracotta, mosaic base will do. In the summer, you can decorate the balcony with light rugs, bamboo mats, paths, etc.


For balconies it is necessary to select furniture that is stableto atmospheric influences. An excellent solution will be plastic and wicker products, all kinds of sun loungers. If space allows, install a table, grill, wall cabinet and other household items.

Balcony design


It is necessary to take into account the value of the balcony when selectingplants for its design. Massive large bushes and trees will be inappropriate and impractical in small areas. If there is not enough free space, it is better to purchase climbing plants by placing them along the walls. Additional elements that emphasize the style of the room will be ceramic vases and figures.

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