What is a sprout? This is the beginning of a new life

All the living things that surround us in the world were oncequite tiny. This small grain can be called completely differently, grain or seed. In a crumb, caring parents have invested only a fraction, but just enough so that at one point a new, violent life has emerged from it. At some point a tiny seed begins to behave differently - it swells, bursts and a seedling appears on its surface. It is he who symbolizes that it's time to leave your cozy nest a small crumb. What is a seedling, and what does it have to go through?

what is a seedling

First there was a seed

In the vegetable world, reproduction can occurquite differently. But often this process occurs due to the separation from the mother plant of the seed (tuber or spore), which contains the genetic information of the parents and the necessary resource to ensure and maintain a new life separately from them. What is a sprout? This is the part that appears on the surface of the seeds of the very first. It is not yet a germ or leaf, but only a visible part of the developing seed within the seed. Seedlings appear on the surface only when the time for their development is most favorable. This may be due to the season, temperature or humidity of the environment.


He will become big and strong

What is a sprout? This state, in which the future plant resides, it has already broken through the wall of the seed, but has not yet become a leaf. Before it becomes an adult, strong and able to give a new generation, it will need to go through several more stages of its development. The sprout will develop into the sprout, give its first leaf, and then the stem. After a while, new seeds will fall to the ground, and the process will be repeated.

Now you know what a sprout is, when it appears and what will turn into the future.

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