Roof with your own hands of metal: fine tuning

Metal tile combines severaladvantages. This is a budget, durable and easy-to-use material. It is not surprising that many people choose this type of roofing. Having figured out how to lay metal roofing on the roof, you can even cope on your own, covering the roof yourself. For

Roof with your own hands from metal
this should know some important points.

Analysis and calculations

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that such materialnot suitable for all designs. The roof with its own hands made of metal is only possible for a structure with pitched roof and a slope of 14 degrees. Complex design is extremely undesirable, as it will have to do many scraps and lose some of the materials in the waste. In order to determine the required amount of roofing before the purchase, you need to measure the parameters of the skates. Metal tiles should cover the length of the ramp by about four centimeters, this arrangement will provide additional ventilation. It is also necessary to measure the side elements of the roof - the roof should be symmetrical, otherwise during installation you will have to face a lot of inconvenience.

Necessary equipment

It is not necessary to be a professional inconstruction, so that the roof with your own hands made of metal tile seemed to you an achievable task. But some special tools will still be required. For example, you need a hacksaw

How to make a roof of metal?
on wood and low-abrasive drill, screwdriver,Special scissors for metal and a hacksaw for metal, as well as a tape measure and a pencil. In addition, before making a roof of metal, you will have to get a suitable shoe for work. Lightweight shoes with rubber soles will work well. Heavy shoes with hard soles can damage thin sheets of metal tiles and even pierce them through while you move along the roof. To avoid this, think about the right shoes beforehand.

What are the crate and truss system?

The main requirement for the rafter system -strength. It must withstand wind and accumulating snow. In addition, to the roof, with their own hands made of metal tiles, lasted longer, its crate must be carefully waterproofed. Waterproofing film prevents condensation in the roof of the condensate and protects against leaks. It should also take care of the vapor barrier, and insulation, especially if you plan to use the premises under the roof as a residential. Only

How to lay metal roofing on the roof?
then you can start working on the roof.

Installation of roofing

Lay sheets should be from the end, if the roofwith their own hands made of metal tiles is made on a gable construction, and from the top point, if the roof is tent. Each element is fixed with screws. An overlap in one wave will be sufficient to obtain a sealed coating. Try to keep the sheets as flat as possible and work carefully so as not to damage them. A special attention will have to be given to the valleys, the skate and the cornices. For a longer service life of the roof, also get snow carriers that are fixed with self-tapping screws over the finished roofing.

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