Wallpapers in the nursery and their influence on the mood of the child

All parents dream of their child living in comfortable conditions, so that his room was for him the best place for recreation, games, meetings with friends.

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To create the interior of a children's room the way you dream, you need to think it through. And you should start with the wallpaper. The most important factor in their choice is environmental cleanliness.

The best choice are canvases. They do not have synthetic additives, they "breathe well", and the price is quite acceptable. Thanks to this, they can be changed more often if the interior of the room starts to bore.

Vinyl wallpaper in the nursery is not suitable. Despite their obvious beauty, they are not cheap, and children can damage them very quickly, and then you will need urgent, unplanned repairs.

The optimal option is considered by experts to be liquidwallpaper in the nursery. They are not too cheap, but they can serve you for years. With any contamination, you can always repaint them yourself in a different color.

Particular attention will be required when choosing a shadewallpaper and drawing on them. Psychologists are sure that this should be gentle and calm tone. Do not experiment with bright green or red. Such bright colors can irritate the child.

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If he has already formed hobbies andinclinations, it is much easier to make such a choice in the nursery. Which wallpaper to prefer, tell you the predilections of the owner of the room. It can be a wallpaper with his favorite character. For boys, drawings and images related to your favorite sport, cars are perfect.

Wallpapers for children's room girls choosesomewhat more complicated. They love flowers, cartoon characters, fairytale princesses, and charming little animals. Therefore, it is better to consult in this matter with your little princess, of course, if she is not too small.

It is completely wrong to glue wallpaper in the nurseryagainst the will of the child. Even an adult man is prone to make mistakes, and if the child does not "accept" his room, then he will not want to be there. Listen to the desires of the children, if necessary, slightly adjust them - and then repair in the nursery will be a pleasant event for you and your child.

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Usually wallpaper in the children's are divided into age categories:

  • for infants;
  • for preschoolers;
  • for schoolchildren;
  • for teenagers.

Depending on the age and the drawing is selectedwallpaper. True, you can choose paintings without it, or rather with an unadorned pattern. Have you ever heard of wallpaper-coloring? Children are very fond of drawing on walls, but drawing on a finished drawing is so boring ...

Designers propose to use thisa great idea for the design of the nursery. And such wallpaper can not be glued to the whole room, but one wall or only part of it. You can use colored pencils, markers and even paints. These wallpapers can be found today in many kindergartens, in children's rooms of large supermarkets, studios of children's creativity. Color them together with the child - this occupation will very close you.

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