Ficus Benjamin: signs and superstitions, how to grow

Home Ficus Benjamin - one of the mostpopular houseplants, having a large number of varieties, each of which is insanely beautiful and graceful. Reminiscent of the form of a weeping ficus tree is widely used in the greening of offices, is the original decoration of any home.

Description of the fig tree of Benjamin

The birthplace of the ficus of Benjamin is subtropical andtropical forests of China, India, Southeast Asia. Also this evergreen plant is found in the north of Australia and the Philippines. In nature, the ficus of Benjamin is a tree, reaching a height of about 20 meters. At home, the dimensions are more modest - up to 2 meters with quality care. The lush crown of the indoor specimen is formed by flowing shoots, strewn with numerous oval leaves with wavy or even edges. The top of the smooth leathery sheet is drawn and pointed. The color is green, with a glossy shade.

ficus benjamin signs and superstitions

To give the plant a decorative form, it is often planted in a pot for 2-3 pieces, and the trunks, flexible enough at a young age, are intertwined with a pigtail.

How to care for the ficus of Benjamin?

The plant in care is quite unpretentious, loveswell-lit, regularly ventilated places, does not tolerate drafts and direct sunlight. Irrigation recommended moderate, well-kept, warm water. To increase the humidity periodically it is necessary to arrange an impromptu warm shower. After all, the birthplace of the ficus of Benjamin - the tropics, so the high humidity for it is very comfortable. Optimal for indoor flowers is a temperature of +25 degrees. It is recommended to make permanent loosening of the soil, ensuring its uniform drying after watering and providing access of oxygen to the root system of the plant. Fertilizer is produced by liquid mineral fertilizers for ornamental plants. To rearrange the ficus of Benjamin, signs and superstitions about which often bear the opposite meaning, is not recommended, otherwise it may lead to the fall of the leaves.

In the period of rest, occurring at a cold timeyear, all measures to stimulate flower growth (watering, fertilizing, spraying) should be reduced or stopped in order to avoid the formation of elongated weak shoots.

Ficus transplantation is made by transplanting into a large container: a young plant - every spring, a mature one - every 2-3 years.

Beneficial features

In favor of the establishment of the ficus of Benjamin for themselvesThe following facts say themselves: saturation of the room with oxygen, purification of air, absorption of such harmful substances as phenol, benzene, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene. This plant is revered in Thailand; it is a symbol of the state, considered sacred, bringing good fortune and driving away evil spirits. Love him and in Cyprus; there, ficus is responsible for fertility.

Ficus Benjamin: signs and superstitions

Like any plant, the ficus carries within itselfa certain energy, which everyone explains in his own way. Some specially plant this flower in the house, believing in the luck brought by it, others bypass it by the tenth road, being afraid to bring trouble to their house.

homeland of the fennel of Benjamin

Chinese people consider Benjamin's ficus familyplant. It is passed down from generation to generation, given to birthdays, especially to older people: to maintain physical health and mental strength. It is a symbol of luck, harmony, light energy in the house.

Slavic peoples perceive the ficus otherwiseBenjamin. Signs and superstitions for the most part are of negative importance, so not everyone risks starting such a plant in their home, fearing adverse consequences.

how to care for the ficus of Benjamin
Thus, Benjamin ficus, like ivy, is consideredmuzhegonom, because it prevents a single woman to find his soul mate. He simply "expels" all potential suitors. Perhaps this opinion developed in the post-war years, when men did not return to the majority of families from the front. Also, the ficus of Benjamin is accused of family quarrels, scandals, gossip.

Ficus Benjamin to help childless couples

Not everyone believes in these prejudices. Many believe that Benjamin Ficus brings good luck, helps to establish relationships between household members and advancement on the career ladder. And the plant helps childless couples to become parents. To do this, the ficus of Benjamin, preferably his young sprout, should be placed in the matrimonial bedroom. The messengers of the accomplished miracle will be new shoots of a houseplant.

home ficus benjamin

Therefore, it's up to you to decide whether to starthis home Ficus Benjamin. Signs and superstitions play, of course, not the last role in the implementation of the right choice, but you still need to rely on your own intuition and believe only in good qualities of the plant. And then in your home there will be peace and quiet.

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