Wood glaze: description and types

Wood is a natural lumber thatused in construction and finishing works. But, unfortunately, all wood materials differ in porosity, which reduces their strength. In order to cope with such a natural problem, today, there is no need to exert too much effort. It is important only to study the market of paint and varnish products and determine which of them will suit the particular situation best.

One of the most reliable paint and varnish materials for processing natural surfaces is the azure for wood. It is about this and will be discussed in this article.

Characteristics and features of azure for wood

This paintwork is reliabledefender of any surface from negative effects of a mechanical and physical nature. Azure when performing both internal and external finishing works acts as an antiseptic, which not only protects the wood, but also gives it a pleasant appearance. The result will give you great pleasure. It is worth noting that the azure for wood also has a dirt-repellent function.

azure for wood

Note:azure, unlike protective varnishes, when applied to the surface does not form a film, which allows the tree to breathe. This factor also affects the longevity of the wood, since the likelihood of peeling or cracking is significantly reduced.

Composition of azure for wood

Before applying any paint material, it is important to study its composition, since the environmental friendliness of these products is of no small importance, especially when it comes to interior decoration of premises.

As a rule, any kind of lazuli for wood consists of the following components:

  • alkyd resin;
  • organic solvent;
  • Pigment (shades and colors of azure for wood canto be diverse, which makes it possible to give the tree a more aesthetic appearance; Exceptions are colorless azure - they do not have a pigment in their composition);
  • water-repellent ingredient.
    azure for wood color

Based on the above composition of the azure, it is possibleto conclude that products of this type are environmentally safe and they can be used for finishing wood in any rooms, whether it is a kitchen, bedroom or children's room.

Types of azure

Like all paint and varnish materials, the azure hasseveral types, which makes it possible to apply it in finishing works taking into account the satisfaction of the necessary criteria. To date, there are the following types of azure:

  1. Thin layer. This kind of azure is a very liquid solution,deeply penetrating into the structure of wood. Most often used for finishing products prone to deformation. For example, a fence or a cladding. This species does not cover the lumber, but only impregnates it, which in turn is a good protection from the rays of the sun and moisture.
  2. Thick layered. By using this kind, you canto achieve the appearance of a thin film on the tree. This kind of azure is intended for window frames, doorways and other wooden products that are not prone to deformation.
  3. Medium-weighted. This species has an average value between the two species listed above and is suitable for the protection of sawn timber, the deformation of which is not very pronounced.

The composition of the base of the azure is oily, aqueous, and also on the basis of a solvent.

azure for wood отзывы

Reviews about azure for wood

As noted by professionals in the fieldconstruction, azure - this is a great alternative to paints and varnishes, which is common in finishing work. The advantage of using azure is that you can not only protect the surface from fungi, bacteria, moisture, sunlight and abrasion, but also to emphasize the natural beauty of any lumber.

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