How to choose a shower curtain

Present a modern bathroom withoutuseful accessories are impossible. These include various additions to the interior and design of the room, bringing comfort to the details, nice looking trivia. An important detail, making the bathroom bright and comfortable are special curtains. Of course, this is not a meaningless design thing. Curtains for the bathroom have an important function: they prevent water from splashing onto the floor.

Today such products are produced from the mostdifferent materials. The most common are polyethylene blinds. Explain this feature is very simple. Curtains made of polyethylene are relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, such curtains will have to be changed very often to new ones. The thing is that polyethylene is a short-lived material, on which spots easily appear.

Are actual and curtains for the bathroom,made of polyester. Curtains from this material are durable. Just take care of them. A variety of colors and patterns makes it possible to choose a suitable pattern. If you care for curtains made of polyester, you can even wash their car.

Today in the shops on the labels of the curtains, you canto meet as the material the following name: PEVA. This abbreviation means that polyethylene-vinyl acetate material was used for the production of the product. Curtains of this material are durable. Their main property is that when the sunlight hits the curtains do not burn out. Such curtains require special treatment. For example, they can not be washed with a machine, bleached, and chlorine-containing preparations used to clean them. Only hand wash is allowed at a water temperature not exceeding forty degrees.

Choosing curtains in the bathroom, it is worthwhile to drawattention not only to the material from which they are made, but also to their design. After all, the curtains in the bathroom - it's not only a functional interior item, but also a way to make the room cozy and beautiful.

Today, the image of naturalmotifs on the curtains for the bathroom. Such a picture causes the association of freedom. As a rule, after visiting the bathroom, decorated with natural motifs, creates a great mood for the whole day.

Curtains for the bathroom are the main accent ininterior of the room, all other accessories are usually selected for them. For example, today in stores you can often meet special sets for the bathroom. These kits include a floor mat and curtains that have the same pattern. To feel the harmony, you can pick up and nice little things for the bathroom in the same style as the curtains. The toothbrush holder and soap tray can be made in the same color scheme as the curtains.

It is not enough just to buy curtains forbathroom. They need to be properly fixed. To do this, you need a special rigid rod. It is fixed between two walls opposite to each other. The bar usually unfolds to the desired length. The curtain itself is attached to the rod by means of special rings. It is desirable that the color of the rings and the bar coincide, and at the same time they are in harmony with the color of the curtain. The bar has a standard length. Therefore, in some cases, when its length is not enough, it is necessary to order a curtain rod for fastening curtains in a special company.

Blinds in the bathroom is an opportunity to learn a lot aboutmistress of the house, about her preferences and character, about how she used to create coziness. That's why, when choosing curtains in the bathroom, you need to pay attention not only to the materials from which they are made, but also directly to the design of the product, its coloring, texture, and, most importantly, conformity to the mood.

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