What does a louse dream about?

Probably, there is no insect, which would be more accuratewas identified in the minds of most people with poverty and unscrupulousness. In addition, these insects are distinguished by a high population and an amazing survival rate, they are very mobile and not easily caught. Since ancient times, lice are a topic for ridicule, ridicule of restless and errant people. As a result of this attitude to these creatures, there probably will not be a person who would not be interested in knowing what lice are looking for.

If you dreamed of lice, however much you wanted toyou reassure, but this dream does not bode well for you. He predicts many troubles and sorrows, as well as serious illnesses. To see a louse on a domestic pet almost always means loss and loss. If lice that crawl over you dream, it means your fast, ugly act in relation to a person close to you.

Why do you dream about lice that you catch on yourself? This means rapid disease and trouble finding. The main thing is not to attach much importance to these dreams, which can only aggravate the situation. Attempts to crush them mean useless work, unjustified expectations, wasted efforts. Lice that lay eggs also mean a painstaking, responsible job that will take a lot of time and attention from you. If you dreamed of lice that skip, then this dream portends anxiety and news that violate the dimensionality of your life.

In principle, most of the dream books arethe question of what lice are dreamed about is unquestionable - future excitements and emotional experiences await you, which will be closely related to the attacks of enemies and to the frustration of your well-being.

However, some dream books answer the questionwhat lice are dreamed of is not so negative, and some dreams are interpreted in a positive way. For example, talking lice promise you unexpected news that will surprise you. Biting you and restless insects mean unexpected financial gain or substantial material support, the same means a dream in which there are many nuisance lice and nits. A dream in which a person watches a large number of lice or snakes pour from his body or organ will acquire great wealth. Finding the means that relieve you of them means the final resolution of the problems that have occupied you for a long time.

Dreams in which insects are presentone species, usually combine in themselves some types of insects (animals) to which the sleeping person refers with the same emotions. For example, in a dream in which lice have dreamed, you can often see their offspring (nits), snakes or snails (causing the same repulsive feelings). If, for example, a person does not leave indifferent the appearance of several insects (lice and snails) in a dream and this causes a vivid emotion, it is desirable to find out and what the snails are dreamed of and then have to relate both values.

According to the interpretation of most dream books, snails indreams are foreshadowed by the same events as the lice that have been dreamed, which indicates a non-accidental appearance. They mean the existing unhealthy situation around you, and a crushed snail promises to meet very unpleasant people.

The dream interpreter of Freud explains why the snails are dreamed,passivity in sex. Perhaps with another person you would have found the harmony that you need, but in this union your partner is much more active than you and you need a change of behavior in bed. Crawling snails along the body mean fast, extremely sharp emotions of the sexual plane, which will leave a deep imprint on your soul.

The Russian dream book and the dream book of Simon Kanonita do not see anything wrong with the appearance of lice and snails and portend success and luck in your affairs.

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