Sights of the Kazakh steppe. The mosque of Almaty is the central part of the Islamic culture of Asia

Almaty is a unique city with a long history. It is located in a picturesque place in the heart of the Eurasian continent. Among the sights of the city you can find the famous Medeo ice rink, Koktyube mountain, a unique monument to the famous "Beatles", the resort of Chimbulak. And, of course, they include the mosque of Almaty Central - the spiritual center of all Muslims of Central Asia.

mosque almaty


80% of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan consists offaithful Muslims, so the question of building religious buildings for them has always been one of the main. So, in the southern capital of the country there are more than 30 mosques. However, the issue of creating the main center of the Muslim clergy was acute. At the end of the 20th century, the head of state decided to create a unique religious shrine. On the place where the Central Mosque of Almaty is located, the previous building was towering earlier. However, it could not serve a large number of faithful Muslims at the same time. The mosque of Almaty Central was erected in 1993.

For its construction, famous architects of Kazakhstan were invited. The end of the construction of the unique structure was at the end of 1999.


  • The Almaty Central Mosque is the largest Muslim construction on the territory of Central Asia. It can accommodate at the same time more than 7000 faithful.
  • The construction process was supervised personally by the leader of the Republic of Kazakhstan, NA Nazarbayev.
  • The facade of the building has a marble finish. Also it is decorated with oriental patterns, laid out with precious stones.
  • The main dome of the mosque has a sky-blue color. Its diameter exceeds 20 m. It is noteworthy that in 2000 it was painted with fragments from the Koran by invited masters from Turkey.

Pride of the Kazakh steppe

Unique and unique mosque of AlmatyCentral is the core of the entire Islamic culture of Central Asia. The state of the building is constantly monitored by technical specialists. So, the building periodically carries out repair work. Therefore, we can safely say that the mosque is one of the most modern structures of sovereign Kazakhstan. The building has hot water and central heating. The air conditioning system is installed. Annually minor repairs of the facade and domes of the mosque are carried out.

In 2006, her image was immortalized on silver coins. The nominal value was 100 rubles (500 tenge). To date, it is much higher.

mosque of the central almaty

The central mosque of Almaty is a unique monumentreligious architecture of the late 20th century. Its doors are open not only to Muslims, but also to all who are interested in Islamic culture. The Almaty mosque is the real treasure of the Kazakh people.

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