Dream Interpretation: What Kisses Are Dreaming About

Many people believe that symbols and images,which we see in dreams, serve as warnings or predictions about future events in our lives. But even the most complete dream book is unlikely to fit information about all the interpretations of this or that dream. Today, we would like to work with you to understand what can be seen in the dream a kiss. To do this, we will use the explanations and interpretations of the most popular dream books from around the world.

what are the kisses for?

What does kissing look like?: dream book of Gustavus Miller

If you see in a dream that one child is kissinganother, this image is an omen of family well-being and success in a career or business. If you dream that you are kissing your mother, then expect an early success in business, love and friendly relations. A kiss with a brother or sister speaks about future pleasures.

If you kiss your beloved or loved one in pitchdarkness, then such a dream can become a harbinger of danger or dissolute behavior. If you are kissing a stranger or a stranger, then this indicates immoral actions that are coming. If you are kissing your spouse in a dream, this is a very good sign, talking about harmony in your family relationships and that happiness will never leave your home. If you had a kiss with an enemy, then in real life you will be able to improve relationships with one of your friends. If the girl had a dream that she was caught unawares at the moment of a kiss with a fan, she should expect unpleasant acts from the people she considers friends.

the most complete dream book

What does kissing look like?: An ancient French dream book

If you dream that you are kissing someone, then inIn the near future, expect luck in all your business and endeavors. If you are kissing someone's legs in a dream, then you may be resentful or humiliated. If you feel that someone is kissing you, then prepare for some joyful event or news.

What does kissing look like?: Ukrainian Dream Book

This dream book states that to see yourselfkissing in a dream is an omen of future troubles and failures. If you kiss your friend, then you'll see him soon. If a girl kisses a young man, then for the latter it can mean an early illness.

dreambook to what dreams of kissing

What does kissing look like?: dream book from A to Z

This dream book basically treats various dreams,in which a kiss dreams a weak half of humanity. If a girl dreams that she is kissed by a gallant and presentable man, then she will soon have a chance to get rich. However, you need to be very careful not to miss it. If you are trying to kiss a drunken friend of your husband or a young man, then in real life you are disappointed in him, and not without good reason. A kiss in a dream with a loved one is a symbol of an imminent wedding. If you dreamed that the husband is kissing another woman, then to this sign should be taken seriously: it is quite possible that in reality he is cheating on you.

An ancient English dream book: what does kissing

This dream book is regarded as a bad sign of a kissin a dream with someone with whom to kiss in real life did not follow. This may be a harbinger of betrayal of a close friend or loved one.

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