Dream interpretation: what did the child dream about?

As you know, you can dream anything, anything: and people, and animals, and plants, and natural phenomena, and any events. Today we propose to learn how dream books interpret dreams in which the main actors are children of different ages.

what did the child dream about

Gustav Miller's dream: what did the child dream about

According to the interpretation of this source, cryingchildren in a dream predict the dreamer of a health problem and a series of disappointments. If the child in your dream looked very neat, happy and cheerful, then in life you expect great love, and there will always be loyal and devoted friends nearby. A dream in which a child walks and plays alone, warns about the need to show independence in some kind of business and not listen to other people's opinions. Nyanchit child - to a possible deception on the part of a person whom you undividedly trusted. A bad dream is a dream in which you take a sick child in your arms: this dream promises mental suffering and sadness.

in a dream the child dreams

What did the child dream about: Dream Health

If you dream that you are holding a child in your arms,or put him on his shoulders, then in the near future, expect to be added to the family. A pretty and cheerful playing child promises a dreamer exceptionally positive emotions and success in business.

Ancient French dream book: children in a dream

According to the compilers of this dream book, in a dreamthe child dreams of success and success in business. If in a dream you talked gaily and enthusiastically with children, then fate is preparing you a very pleasant surprise. To lead a child by the hand - to a happy and safe solution of a dangerous situation.

what does a man dream about a child

Dream-horoscope: what did the child dream about

According to the interpretation of this dream book, if youI dreamed of a baby with blond beautiful hair, then in the near future you are expected to have very bright emotional impressions. If the child in your dream is playing a musical instrument, then you should pay more attention to your children.

What did the child dream about: Russian dream book

This dream book does not consider the child's imageOnly as a symbol of procreation, but also as an object for anxiety and trouble. If you saw a child in a dream, then in reality, the situation around you will not give you peace, because of which you are very worried and nervous. A crying kid warns the sleeper that, in spite of the efforts you make, it is unlikely to solve some current problem. Lull the baby, holding it in his arms, to a difficult and thorny path to success. Feeding a child in a dream promises a very troublesome and time-consuming task, which, however, gives you a sense of satisfaction. If you dreamed that you punished a child, then in real life, perhaps you are very suffering because you have to do a job to which you absolutely do not have a soul. Why does a man dream about a child? For representatives of the strong half of humanity, such a dream can serve as the personification of their subconscious fear of paternity and associated responsibility.

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