Why dream of a train? Is not it time to go on vacation?

In that dreams are the product of worksubconscious, modern man is unlikely to doubt. But still the brain gives us information in the form of symbols, the meaning of which must be decoded. And if some interpretations of dreams do not yield any logical explanation, then in some cases the interpretations look quite understandable. However, considering each individual case, one can notice that one situation or a symbol from the dream corresponds to several interpretations, often directly opposite to each other.

For example, recognizing "Why dream a train?", You can get the following answers.

A train moving down the mountain is a sure harbinger of financial troubles or losses.
The train in which you are driving is derailed - expect changes in life for the worse.
A train climbing a mountain is a good sign, foreshadowing success in business and profit.
Your car rides along the very edge of the cliff - a warning about the danger and the need to be extremely cautious.

On this, I must say, more or less intelligible interpretations end. Further, in response to the question "Why dream a train?", We read the following.

To see in the dream a car standing on the rails - in life you are surrounded by hostile people who are plotting treachery.
Go on the train - your success in business is near.
Go in a sleeping car - do not be too frivolous.

As you can see, the same symbol is interpreteddifferently. To find this explanation, remember that many dream books were composed at a time when the train was associated with a person not with a trip or speed, but with danger and threat from the outside.

Another explanation for what the dream of a train is connected withwith our ideas about this vehicle, as a granted chance. Delay on the train here is treated as an unused opportunity. A freight train passing by means lost profits.

In the interpretation of the esoteric dream book, the trainpersonifies time. In a dream had to go through the entire train or count the cars? In life, you will wait for someone or something. In another interpretation, a trip in a train means stiffness in circumstances or a familiar, everyday life. But suddenly abruptly the rail way promises, neither more nor less, fast your death.

If, after asking a question about what to dream about, we will open a modern dream book, then he will tell us that the stations and trains foreshadow a close trip.
If in a dream you had to climb to the top shelf - in real life you will come across not very pleasant fellow travelers.
If you dreamed that you did not get on your train, then you chose the wrong strategy in your affairs.

The decoding of the symbol "train" can beinfinitely long. Perhaps it will be even curious to find an explanation for each of them. But is it worth taking into account the interpretation of dreams in the form in which they lead us dream books? Curiosity for you and you yourself can ask what the train (helicopter, vacuum cleaner, car) is dreaming about. I assure you, the variety of answers will amaze you. However, if the dream is "late for a train" or "I sit down in the wrong car" it follows you with an enviable regularity, then it is unreasonable to ignore it. Try to understand what this image means. Perhaps in the bustle and haste, you really miss something important, without giving it any value. Perhaps, in real life it will not hurt to slow down a bit, take a time-out or choose an unexpected solution, with a fresh look to look at the usual situation? Change, as they say, the viewing angle.

Of course, there are reasons why you canDo not pay attention to your sleep. If you live near the train station and fall asleep under the clatter of wheels or endless trips - your official duty, dreams about trains should not surprise you. It is unlikely that they will report something new. In other cases, try to determine what you associate with a train or a trip - with routine matters or with a pleasant rest. Or maybe you have not visited your relatives for so long that the night train "Moscow-Odessa" that was dreamed of is nothing but remorse on this matter?

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