Sleep "rat", and also what a white rat dreams about.

Before you determine what a dream rat could mean, you have to ask the question, and with what one or another person connects the animal. Afraid or treating him calmly.

As a rule, at the sight of a rat, a person does not showjoyful emotions. In fact, seeing a rat, many people are involuntarily frightened. Partly because of the appearance of the animal, but it is also due to the fact that the rat is perceived to a large extent as a pest, carrier of disease. Accordingly, symbolically the rat has negative connotations, the same can be represented by the rat, seen in a dream. At the same time, the rat is a very intelligent and hardworking animal, capable of surviving in the most unfavorable environment. Cornered, a rat attacks an enemy much larger than its size.

In the Chinese zodiac, the rat is the first sign, and people,born in the year of the rat, are expected to have such qualities as intelligence, honesty, generosity, creative talent, diligence. The fact that the astrological rat occupies the upper position in the zodiacal parade, in no small measure testifies to her mind.

In Hinduism, the rat is the mount animal of the God of Ganesha, the god of wisdom and prosperity. The sculptural image of a rat can always be seen in the temples dedicated to Ganesha.

In the city of Deshnech there is the temple of Carney Mata,also known as the "temple of rats". The temple is famous for the fact that tens of thousands of rats that are considered sacred live there. Every day the temple priests perform the ritual, giving the rats milk and grain. For the pilgrims of the temple is considered a good sign to touch the products. Among the rats of the temple there are about five white rats, they are considered especially sacred, the blessing of the temple and the reincarnation of Carney Mata, the Indian saint, the embodiment of the goddess Durga and her sons.

Of course, in different cultural traditions, the rat's sleep may have unequal meanings. In Western cultures, to rats, on the contrary, are generally negative.

Given that in real life, rats are omnivores, theygnawing almost everything, including dead flesh, multiply at an amazing speed and absolutely uncontrollable, rat sleep can mean an invisible threat to the house. A rat in a dream is associated with a disease, sometimes with bad apprehensions.

According to Islamic dream books, a rat's sleep forrights implies emigration, sale of houses, thieves, from which you need to protect the house, betrayal of a loved one. Eating rat in a dream may mean gossip or some illicit purchase or significant loss, as well as dramatic extramarital affairs, unfavorable marital conditions, problems with children. To see a dead rat in a dream can mean a terrible betrayal.

To catch a rat in a dream is to suffer from contempt and insults.

But even if the rat sleep is associated withnegative signs, this potential can be used to your advantage as a warning and make changes in real life so as not to allow trouble to happen.

Regardless of whether one is dreaming of a rat orseveral, they usually symbolically indicate the type of failure, it is also important that what happens to the rat in a dream. For example, if a rat is killed or scared away, then unlikely in real life there will be some unpleasant changes.

On the question of what to dream about a white rat, you cananswer that it is rather a positive sign. White rat, seen in a dream, is associated with success, beautiful love relationships. If a white rat dreams during the period when a life is not very successful, then it is hoped that the help will come from an unexpected source.

To dream a white rat and a few white mice indicates a healthy offspring or a long-awaited pregnancy

The rat's dream interpreter is white, in general, analyzes only good associations, a white rat seen in a dream indicates that all the troubles have been left behind.

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