What does it mean to swim in a dream?

Did you dream last night that you were swimming? Drowned in the water, which took you to their refreshing and unusually invigorating embrace? Or maybe it was a huge sea or an ocean without end and edge?

Yes? Then you can only envy. You actually saw a good dream. A dream that can bring to your future life a lot of positive events, meetings, acquaintances and even fulfill the most secret desires.

So, to swim in a dream ...

This dream is considered very positive inall relationships. Even the most accomplished pessimists, who are ready to turn over hundreds of all kinds of dream books and interpreters, are unlikely to be able to find in them many negative aspects about this dream.

Firstly, if you were lucky enough to swim in a dream, this indicates the soonest satisfaction of creative (and according to some, and sexual) needs.

Secondly, much depends on the style of swimming,Manners in the water and the general impression left by sleep. Swim confidently and beautifully testifies about the correctly chosen life path and successful achievement of the set goals. If the surrounding water was calm and clean, then you are guaranteed a measured and harmonious pastime, a peaceful way of life and good health. True, muddy and turbulent water, on the contrary, does not bode well. In this case, you should probably beware of diseases and nervous shocks. If you even dared to swim in a storm, try to show more determination and firmness of character.

Drowning in a dream means an increased likelihoodtraumatism in reality, sometimes even with a risk to life, so when you see such a dream, try to be alert for some time, showing extreme vigilance to what is happening around.

The sea or ocean seen in a dream will not bringonly positive emotions, but also fulfill your desires. And sometimes it is even considered that bathing in the sea is a dream to obtain an inheritance or to a great mutual love. That's great, is not it? Beware of only sleep, in which you dive headfirst into the depths of the sea - you are in for a very risky venture.

A particularly good dream is a dream in which the sleepernot just one floats, but, say, with his chosen one or the other half. In reality, this dream promises joyful events, testifies to the correct choice of a couple, and also about a possible wedding in the near future.

Swim in a dream confidently and towardsa certain goal - to the successful achievement of the tasks set, but if you seek to move away from something further away, then in real life you will probably manage to avoid an unpleasant situation and a meeting.

Dreams - the interpretation given to us through manygeneration. For centuries people have been paying attention to the mysterious subtext of night dreams. And modern scientists do not lag behind them. For example, the science of dreams - onyrology - also carefully studies the signs seen in dreams. And according to the latest data, swimming in a dream across a river or a lake in clothes means having to find shelter from strong patrons, and if you swim naked, it shows your firm will, the unwavering desire to win and the conscience of conscience.

If in a dream you decide to go on a tripon a small and fragile boat, think, perhaps in real life your desires exceed the possibilities very much, which means that it will be quite difficult to implement them.

Another sign that should alert the sleeperis the observation of an accident on the water. Be careful, most likely, you are waiting for a meeting with a very insincere person who pretends to be your lover or friend only in the name of achieving his personal selfish goals.

So, let's sum up ... In general, to swim in a dream -this is a good and positive dream, according to most commentators. He comes to us to protect, warn, help and give confidence in our actions and actions. Of course, there are exceptions, but in most cases they are associated with unfavorable confluences of circumstances, elements of nature, or, surprisingly, with muddy or dirty water.

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