Is it good or good coming? What does a cousin dream about?

It would seem that there is no reason to disassemble separately,what a cousin dreams about. You can not allocate this girl from the general line of relatives. It turns out that not all sources of reliable interpretations agree with this. Some of them analyze in detail what a cousin or brother dreams about. If you are interested, then let's look through the books and find out.

what does a cousin dream about?

Sonnik Miller

Naturally, the most detailed and wise collection is notcould be out of the question. Mr. Miller explained in detail why a cousin dreams. According to his interpretations, this relative meets on the expanses of the country of Morpheus to a true friendship. People, convicted by your trust, are decent, smart and reliable. Clarifying what the late cousin dreams about, Mr. Miller recommends that attention be paid to the relations of the parents. Your relatives are at war on the basis of property interests. Sleep predicts their final separation. Unpleasant and alarming signal. Try to act like a wise judge in their dispute. Reconcile close people. But quarrel with a relative is a good sign. He foretells an even greater unity of the family. Probably, people will unite and bring together some kind of common cause or property interest. Mr. Miller also answers the question of what the wedding of a cousin's sister is about. The outlook is disappointing. One of the parents seriously zaneduzhit. I'll have to take care of the patient, worrying about his later life.

what does my sister's cousin's wedding

Sonny Hasse

This wise source believes that the appearance in thenight vision of a cousin is a negative sign. A relative portends quarrels and experiences. Her appearance in a dream is a symbol of future disappointments and sorrows. Talk with this relative - to find out that the parents decided to part forever. They most likely hid their differences from you. Because the news will sound like a thunder among clear skies. But nothing will be done, the family will be destroyed by those who created it. To see the death of a cousin for a young lady bad. Probably, both girls will fall in love with one handsome man, which will forever ruin their former friendship. Mistrust and resentment will remain between them until gray hair. And only in old age they will understand that it was not something to pout and quarrel.

what does the late cousin dream about

Modern dream book

This source is in agreement withprevious. Explaining what the cousin dreams about, the authors point out the problems in the family. If you talked with a relative in a dream, prepare for a grand scandal. In the heat of battles and accusations come to a very unpleasant conclusion. It turns out that your relatives are people who are self-interested, ready for a penny to forget about the warmth and sincerity of the relationship. But better is such a bitter truth than eternal deception. If a cousin died in your dream, then you will have to divide the inheritance in real life. There will be little money, but lots of applicants. Quarrels, squabbles, clarification of who is more worthy of being the owner of property, and so on will break out. It will last a long time.

Esoteric dream book

This wise interpreter also leaves no hopeon a positive outlook. Cousins, having appeared in dreams, allude to personality flaws. In them you see a reflection of yourself, as in a mirror. If you argue with your sister, you will be in a situation when you have to answer for your recent, rash actions. Just talking - there is a conflict. Went to the relative at the wedding - you will envy someone else's happiness. If she died, you will have to give up something that is of value to you. A cousin comes to dreams to tell what in the soul needs to be corrected. Therefore, try to analyze not her behavior or attitudes, but her own worldview. This will help correct the situation, make fewer mistakes in life. Good luck!

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