Meet: Aries and Scorpio

Aries and Scorpio
If you look at the short horoscope "Aries and Scorpio", you can see their similarities and differences.

The main characteristic of Aries is the desireto the primacy: his abode is the first house in the zodiacal circle, he is the first among the cardinal signs (Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and the first among the fiery (after him the Lion and Sagittarius). This is a very active, proactive, energetic and selfish Zodiac sign, ruled by Mars, giving him confidence, courage, ambition, restlessness and stubbornness.

For Scorpio, the keycreation. This is sent to him by Pluto, the ruling planet of the eighth house, in which this fixed zodiacal sign is located. The second ruling planet is Mars, giving the will and firmness of character. In psychology fixed (fixed) signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) appear as a permanent and executive type of person.

Fiery Aries and Scorpio watery in their element

Element of Aries is Fire - the thinnesta material element, symbolizing the world of ideas and thoughts. The existence of Fire in space takes place on an abstract level and is perceived by the same abstract instrument - the thinking of man. The fiery type of character affects the manifestation of a high degree of activity, in a stubborn desire to achieve the desired.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aries
In the personality of Aries for all his life remains youthfulnaivety, bringing a lot of disappointments. He is an idealist and a romantic. Not memorizing his life experience, even after failures and insults remains trustful. Very charming and original, sincere and loyal, which puts him in the spotlight. He loves independence and adventurous adventures. If he is rejected (in love, in business relations), he, without spending time thinking, begins to actively fuss, seeking for a different place. Blagodorod, considers it a duty to come to the aid of the one who is in misfortune. Women do not tolerate vulgarity and vulgarity. Aries are demonstrative in expressing their opinions, emotions are restrained with difficulty, and are often not restrained at all.

The Scorpio element - Water is the life energy andthe blood of the Earth, giving life to everything that moves in space. The vital fuel for the Scorpion is love, this is the sexiest of all signs. Emotionality, strong will, ability to aggressively and aggressively fight for success in life, a supernatural ability to analyze everything in the world, secrecy - these are the main features of the character.

Similarities and differences of signs: Aries and Scorpio

Both signs are emotional and selfish. Young Aries men are often involved in a fight, in Aries women, a similar force is spent on sports and achievements in work. Scorpions prefer to struggle with themselves, they tend to keep quiet. Aries of Aries forget quickly. Scorpions resentment in the soul and "wear a stone in his bosom." It can not finish the business started or entrust its completion to another Aries, and Scorpio in this is his opposite: he always prefers to finish what he started.

Horoscope. Aries and Scorpio

In love relationships, signs can be briefly describedSo. For men: short bursts of crazy desire and long periods of boredom and indifference - this is Aries; and Scorpio - wants to have next to a woman, about which everyone dreams. For women: Aries chooses a man herself and is able to give him genuine pleasure from intimacy, but is pedantic; Scorpio knows no boundaries for passion, is erotic, in bed for it there are no conventions.

Compatibility of Scorpio and Aries

Relations are complicated. Harmony in sexual terms - both love experiments. The main problem in the freedom of Aries and jealousy of Scorpio. Both are selfish and uncompromising. Therefore, a strong attraction of signs at the initial stage of relations can be replaced by disappointment.

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