How to choose stones-talismans by the sign of the Zodiac

Many experts agree thatvarious objects, in particular natural stones have a different effect on people. In this case, such an influence for each his own. It all depends on what time you were born. Stones-talismans on the sign of the Zodiac must be selected very carefully. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired result, and perhaps harm yourself.

stones mascots by the sign of the zodiac


Happy for Aries stones can be distinguished byappearance. They are very beautiful, bright and shiny. Among them you can note ruby, diamond, heliotrope, lapis lazuli. Aries is a sign of the Zodiac, stones-talismans of which bring not only happiness and luck, but also improve health.


Sign of the Zodiac (talismans are distinguished by a largevariety), easily influenced by various minerals. For Taurus perfectly suited: alexandrite, agate, tiger's eye, emerald, aquamarine, turquoise. Stones protect their owner from the evil coming from others, bring peace and peace to the family.


Aries Sign Zodiac Stones Talismans

Representatives of this sign can not be calledcalm and balanced. Protect from impulsive decisions and rash actions can stones-talismans on the sign of the Zodiac. For Gemini, recommend a cat's eye, agate, rock crystal. They will help get rid of unnecessary fuss and anxiety.


This sign is perfect for pearls, carnelian,emerald, moonstone. These stones bring material prosperity, help to realize themselves in life. In addition, they will become good assistants in the treatment of certain diseases.

a lion

Passionate and emotional Lions recommendedwear minerals of red shades. It can be a ruby ​​or a grenade. They charge their owner with positive energy, push them to feats and bring good luck.


Stones-talismans on the zodiac sign bring Virgothe desired harmony, develop intuition and protect against disease. They are suitable cat's eye, carnelian, jade. The latter is best worn in a frame of silver.


Aquamarine, sapphire, lapis lazuli, rock crystal will help them to find a balance in life. The stones give peace, attract love and prosperity to the house.


As a talisman, it is best for them to choose a garnet, blood or opal. They protect from the evil eye, contribute to the development of intuition, strengthen family relations.


taurus zodiac sign stones mascots

Happiness and peace in the family will bring a sapphire. The stone of chrysolite will protect you from evil, envy and fear, will cool down raging passions, help you to believe in yourself.


Happiness and luck Capricorns bring lapis lazuli,onyx, pomegranate, moonstone. They return the lost strength, help to make the right decisions. In addition, the stones are set up for good and promote the establishment of trust in the family.


Stones-talismans on the Zodiac sign give them success in love, strengthen friendly relations and attract like-minded people. Aquarians are recommended to choose amethyst, chrysoprase, zircon.


Good luck in love and good health will bring pearls, chrysolite, aquamarine. They charge with energy and help to go through life.

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