Dream Interpretation: What Does the Earth Dream About?

As you know, the earth is the basis of everything. Thanks to her, a person has food, on which he builds his house. And what if the earth has caught on to us in a dream? In general, most dreamers agree that the earth in a dream is good. However, for more information, we decided to seek help from several of the most authoritative and popular dream books.

what does the earth dream about

What does the earth dream about: Gustav Miller's Dream Book

If you dreamed of a fertile land, then youwaiting for well-being and good luck. Stony and barren soil predicts the dreamer all kinds of failures and failures. Freshly-grounded land in your own garden promises financial well-being and prosperity. If you dream that you are floating on a ship by sea and suddenly see a strip of land in the distance, then in the near future you will have brilliant prospects. The clothes of the dreamer, stained with earth, warn him of the possible need to hide from the law.

fertile land

What does the earth dream about: Intimate dream book

Earth in the dream is interpreted by this dream book aswarning that in the near future you will try to compensate for the lack of spiritual communication and spiritual intimacy, surrendering to carnal pleasures with a new partner. Perhaps you should take a break and think about your life: after all, in fact you want a stable relationship, not an endless series of lovers.

What does the earth dream about: An ancient French dream book

Deserted vast tracts of land promisedreamer of gaining wealth. If a man dreamed of a fertile land, he marries a beautiful and benevolent girl, and if the dreamed soil was barren and dry, then his wife would be grumpy and quarrelsome. The fields, sown with bread, predict heavy but very fruitful works. If in a dream you kiss the earth, then in reality you will meet a hypocritical person.

What does the earth dream about: Dream for lovers

Fertile earth predicts a dreamer soonerfinding a long-awaited happiness in love and a strong marriage. A barren land, on which there is not a single sprout, symbolizes solitude, separation and sorrow.

the earth in a dream for good

What does the earth dream of? A dream book from A to Z

If you are digging the ground in a dream, then in the near futureThe future expects you material benefits. Lie on the ground - to a series of minor troubles, which, however, can not prevent your happiness. See how other people plow the land - to a noble, but very ungrateful work. To plow the same - to a good harvest (in case you are a farmer or have a holiday plot) or to profit. If you dreamed that you built a dugout and live in it, then perhaps in reality you will have to tighten your belt or even ask for money in debt. Fat and fertile land is a very good sign, predicting well-being and stable incomes. Overgrown with weeds or the dried and barren earth symbolizes the onset of the black strip, during which the setbacks will wait for you literally at every step. If you dream that you are falling asleep with earth, in real life you risk making a mistake that your enemies will not fail to use against you.

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