Interpretation of dreams. What does the river dream about?

If you do not know what the river is dreaming about, then simplyread this article. It is possible that here you will find the answer to your question. As you know, not only the object that you dreamed is important, but also the situation that accompanies it. So what does the river dream about? Let us turn to the well-known interpreters.

Why the river dreams. Children's Dream Book

what does the river dream about
First of all, it is worth noting that in itselfthe river symbolizes the continuous flow of life. When in your dream a pond flows through the plain, your life will be calm and even, and in some ways even boring. To change something or not is up to you. A mountain river with a rapid current means that a lot of interesting, unexpected events await you. Everything will change literally before our eyes. However, such changes will bring a lot of trouble. If you have to move to the other shore, and it does not matter - swim or wade, then again wait for changes in the current state of things. To swim on a raft or in a wooden rowing boat - to the fact that soon someone or something will push you to take decisive action. Perhaps you will move or change your social circle, place of work.

Why the river dreams. Female dream book

what does the river dream about
Dreams, as you know, are mostly inclinedenjoy the girl. So, if in a dream you admire the smooth surface of the river, and perhaps, and see in it your reflection, then boldly expect joyful news. Welfare, for example, can significantly improve. Misunderstanding promises turbid water in the river. Try not to quarrel with loved ones and end any scuffle in the bud. Skloki and scandals will lead to nothing good. The river flooded and prevents you from passing? Be prepared for the difficulties in the business sphere. Your colleagues and strive to put you in the wheel. But if the reservoir is completely dry, wait for the sad news.

Why the river dreams. The ABC of the Interpretation of Dreams

This dream book states that the river personifieslatent sexual energy and vitality. If you are dreaming of a babbling brook, then all your problems and problems will be solved very easily. The brook seems to carry them away. You will feel free and completely independent person, if the water in the river is clean and transparent, like a tear. But the murky streams hint at your violent nature, love of gossip. Remember that people treat you the same way as you treat them. If in the river you see the shallows, then in reality your sexual energy is weakened. Cross the pond - to change. The second meaning of such a dream is the premonition of the death of a friend or relative.

Why the river dreams. Esoteric dream book

what does the river dream about
The course of the river is the flow of time. If the water surface is smooth and calm, without ripples and waves, then your life is measured. A stormy river personifies fateful events that will occur in the near future. Bathe in the cold river means living according to the laws. Enter a pond or a river - to the beginning of a new life period. If you bathe someone, then in reality you can become someone's protector and wise mentor. Flood is a sign of bad times. If you dreamed of a flood, then all your plans and ambitions will be "washed away" by the machinations of enemies. Do you like how warm water touches your feet? Life will present you with a gift.

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