Crying is a dream? To cry in a dream is a prophecy

What do you think, why cry to cry? In a dream, any event can become prophetic, and there are many interpretations of what has been seen! In particular, Gustavo Miller says that it is a good dream to let the tear go. This means that soon you will be freed from worry and hardship. If you are crying for a long time in your dream, do not worry! You will find great joy and some event that will change your gray life in a good and bright way! Implement all your ideas in life, for in any life sphere only success awaits you! In addition, Miller assures us that the results of our labors after such a dream will be above all expectations!

what is it that dreams of crying in a dream

One of the last interpretations of tears in a dream isMiller says that in the near future on your way you will meet some kind and good person who will be for you the best friend. If in your dream you are not weeping, but other people, then an unexpected happiness will come to your friends' house, to share which they will ask you along with them! In addition, the wedding of your friend or girlfriend is coming. It's nice when the interpretation of dreams happens this way! However, let's find out what other dream books tell us!

Dreamer Juno: why dream about crying

In a dream crying? Await the pleasant news! If you see how someone else cries, then know that a happy reunion or the resumption of some relationship after a time separation period is coming. In general, people crying in a dream are a contextual concept ... For example, a girl such a dream promises a quarrel and a scandal with her second half. If the girl sincerely wants to make up, then she must make her own sacrifices. To businessmen any dreams in which someone (or they) cry, predict troubles of a financial character. Bankruptcy is not ruled out.

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Freud: what and what dreams?

To cry in a dream - to sex! At least, so says Sigmund Freud. The scientist in his repertoire tells us the following: crying in your dreams - to fertilization or ejaculation. Here, for example, for women is the desire for violent sex. These ladies need to be careful, because the risk of becoming pregnant is great. If a girl in her dream sees how a man cries, then her envy in life many envy! She is the queen of the "sexual kingdom"! And where exactly is envy? It's useless!

Dreams crying in a dream to a man? Freud argues that this is an indicator of the huge number of love relationships of the guy who dreamed this dream. At the same time, such people are eager to join new ones! If a man dreams that a woman is crying, he wants children from her! And: if you believe this scientist, then any person who dreams, how he (or someone else) cries over some thing, suffers from intimate fetishism!

dreams crying in a dream
What do you dream? To cry in a dream is a prophecy!

According to the esoteric dream book, crying in a dreamtestifies to the excess of your emotional emotions. Give vent to your feelings! Spill them out! Do not exclude quarrels and scandals with tears. The opposite outcome is also possible: you will laugh until you lose your pulse or hiccup! People who dreamed crying, esoteric people are not advised to take part in drinking soon - a sad outcome of events is possible (for example, a Finnish knife can be inserted into your heart).

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