Dream of a louse? Dream Interpretation - help you!

Usually the mention of fleas and lice causes usthe most awful sensations. And indeed, there is no place for pleasant associations to take, because with the appearance of these creatures there is a feeling of discomfort and trouble associated with their withdrawal. It is interesting that these parasites spoil our lives not only in reality, but also in dreams! Let's find out about what this insidious louse is dreaming about!

louse dream book
Sonnik Miller

To see an insect in a dream, and also to try allforces to catch him - to tears and any surprises. However, Gustav Miller focuses our attention on the fact that one should not take this dream too seriously, because the coming troubles can, like lice, turn out to be minor misunderstandings, without which our life can not do without!

Miller says that a positive attitudewill help a person cope with all his problems. After all, any dream that has an unpleasant interpretation is just a warning! So do not be afraid if you dream of a louse!

Sonnik Tsvetkova

Evgeny Tsvetkov, like Gustav Miller,cares about the dreamers ... He says that to any negative sleep you need to treat with irony. Of course, to believe or not - this is an individual matter for everyone, but not in a dream, in which you dreamed a louse ... Dreambook Tsvetkova interprets this nightly story as a good sign, which you must certainly believe, because you are expecting material prosperity! If you dreamed of someone else's louse, then be calm, this marks a successful coincidence of all circumstances relating to your business sphere.

Family Dream Book

dream book of lice in the hair
Lice in the hair - to deserved success and increaseby position! If you see two insects that creep along your body, then expect trouble and material losses. To see lice in your child's head is to worry about his health.

Esoteric dream book

Were the lice and nits that you killed? It's good! In reality you will get rid of pressing troubles! To try to catch a parasite in a dream, but not to catch it - to spend efforts on solving a particular problem. The result will be insignificant. Dreams in which you are trying to remove (shake off) these creatures from yourself, but endure a fiasco, say that some envious person spreads unflattering rumors about you! This person with his gossip is symbolized by a louse!

dreams dreamed of lice
The Dream of Juno

Lice and nits in your dreams are a good sign! Such pictures promise you the long-awaited disposal of many ills, as well as success in life and wealth. If you are trying to beat creatures - expect financial prosperity, but do not see lice, but know that they are - to loss or loss. If you dream, how you press the nits, then rejoice: you are on the right steps towards the goals, no one and nothing you can not get off the road! See the nits in the head of your colleague? Expect promotion by post!

Interpretation by Freud

If lice in your sleep are pubic, then think abouthis promiscuous intimate life. Soon you'll finish it off - pick up something venereal. Frankly see pubic lice in the groin - to an unplanned pregnancy or to a love scandal. If you destroy pubic lice, you get rid of problems in sexual life. Do you eat pubic lice? Be careful - you "warmed up" the snake on your chest. Your sexual partner will soon "stab" you with a "knife in the back"!

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