What is itching for the left eye or what are superstitions.

Our people have long believed in various signs. Superstition, a kind, visiting card of the Slavs. Infinite "to which the left eye is scratched," "why cheeks burn," "which means when the nose is scratched," and so on. But not many know what the signs are. Have you ever thought about this question? Perhaps it's just a manifestation of folk savvy or the result of people's observation, they express the experience of all mankind or the ability to read the signals of higher forces. But it's not for nothing that people have been asking for many centuries: "And to what does the left eye, palm or ear scratch?". Hence, there is some sense in this, as millions of people around the globe believe in this age-old wisdom.

Signs can relate to events, body parts,dreams, travel, holidays, weather, professions, animals, weddings, pregnancies, and much more. There is, for example, a huge list of superstitions, which can be designated as "to which the left eye, eyebrow, nose, ears, hands and other parts of the body, including the right, are scratched." So people have long believed that the neck itchs in feasting or beatings, the ears - the news, the elbow - to grief, the soles of the feet - to travel, the lips - to passionate kisses, and the eyebrow - to tears or a date. If you are interested in what is itching the right eye, then according to different versions it means either a date with your beloved, or tears. In fact, eyes are always tearing to tears, and even skeptics who do not believe in any signs, note that this is indeed so.

There are still a lot of superstitions concerning the humanbody. If a person loses an eyelash, it means a quick gift, and someone thinks that it is necessary to put it in his bosom for this. Ears usually burn when someone discusses you. A noise in the ears foreshadows the bad weather. A person with frequent teeth is very fond of, and with rare ones - a liar. A tooth scraping announces trouble. To bite a tongue means to quarrel with someone soon.

There are a lot of signs about dreams. Our people generally believe very much that dreams always foretell something, and legends are generally spoken about prophetic dreams. Everyone knows that to neutralize bad sleep, it is necessary to say in the window: "Wherever the night, there and sleep." And this must be done three times and before noon. It is very bad when the dream is connected with the deceased, and if he also calls with himself - this is not good. A bad dream can be forgotten by holding on to the theme. If you cry deeply in a dream, you will have fun and laughter.

If you are going on a trip,some grandmother's signs will come in handy. They advise to take with them a thing from home. Unpleasant person visited the guests and jinxed you? Take three pinches of salt and throw them outside the door of your apartment or hotel rooms, without stepping over the threshold.

And wedding signs are generally a whole pseudoscience. The brides of the whole world are concerned not with the coming triumph, but with the observance of superstition. It is believed that by giving your wedding ring an example to another person, you can give your fate. Bad weather on the day of marriage overshadows the mood of many newlyweds. But the signs say that snow or rain always goes to a happy life. It is also believed that girls can not rent a dress, but you can have a sister or a mother, but on condition that their fate has developed well. A sign that you can not show the groom a wedding dress before the wedding is connected with the faith of people in life full of quarrels and turmoil after that. If the bride is waiting for the child, then it must be protected from the evil eye - just under the dress, tie a wide scarlet ribbon to the belly. After the wedding, you can not sell or give someone your veil.

Of course, do not blindly believe in all thesesuperstition. What does the left eye scratches, hair falls out, or does the engagement ring fall at the wedding usually does not interest those people who are self-confident and free from prejudice.

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