The history of the temple "Life-giving Spring" in Bibirevo

In the year 2003 was the beginning of the construction of the temple of the icon of the Mother of God "The Life-giving Spring" in Bibirevo. After 10 years the church became an independent parish. In the construction participated members of the Bibirevsky district, as well as the Leonov parish of the Church of the Deposition of the Mother of God. At the beginning of the construction, prayer services served in the parish territory.

The construction of the temple "Life-giving Spring"

temple of a living source in Bibirevo

Construction of the temple "Life-giving Spring" inBibirev was completed in 2013. But even before this event, in the distant 2008, the consecration of the territory of the future church was held, and it happened on the day of the church memory of the icon "The Life-giving Spring". The sacrament was held by Father Sergei Kiselev, who heads the Trinity District of Moscow. A few years later the work of the temple began with the Easter service. In early 2015, Priest Vladislav Mishin became the rector of the new church. The "Life-giving Spring" temple in Bibirevo has two altars: the 1st consecrated in honor of the icon "The Life-giving Spring", the second - in honor of the Sretenya holiday. The latter is made as a monument in memory of the church destroyed by the Soviet authorities in the village of Neklyudovo.

Also at the entrance were a memorial in memoryabout these tragic events of 1935 and memorial plaques with the names of all the participants in the construction of the new church. In the porch to the right of the entrance there is a church shop where you can buy candles, spiritual books, icons, as well as submit notes with petitions. The temple has a 3-tiered iconostasis, which depicts Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and the image of the "Life-giving Spring". The crown of the iconostasis is the Deesis tier, in the center of which is the image of Jesus Christ.

Temple icon "Life-giving Source" from the inside

temple of a living source in Bibirevo

The decoration of the temple "The Life-giving Spring" in Bibirevohas several outdoor kiotov, next to which are located on the left side of the icon of St. Nicholas, the Optina Elders, the Reverend Aristocles of Moscow (Athos) with the relics, Xenia of St. Petersburg; and on the right - Vladimirskaya. Also on the left side you can see a wooden carved crucifix. In the temple, a large number of icons dedicated to the Mother of God: "Bogolyubskaya", "Softening the Evil Hearts", "Inexhaustible Chalice" and "Iberian". Also among them are the icons of Sergius of Radonezh, Matrona of Moscow, the Monk Savva of Storozhevsky and All Saints.

The Canon with the Crucifixion is located at the eastern wall. There parishioners put candles on the repose of the dead. Not far from the canon table are icons of the Fedorovskaya Mother of God, healer Panteleimon, martyrs Tryphon and John the Warrior, as well as St. Luke of Crimea. In the southern part of the temple is the icon "Sign".

Priests and Temple Staff

temple icon of a living source in bibirevo

The priest of the church is Priest Vladislav Mishin. The second clergyman is Priest Sergey Kulaga, Oleg Blyudin serves as a deacon. Father Vladislav, the rector of the church, was born in the city of Kaluga in late 1974 in a secular (non-priestly) family. He graduated from art school in his native city, and was baptized 16 years later in the temple in Optina Pustyn. Later he studied and graduated from the Architectural and Art Academy (Ekaterinburg) in the direction of "Restoration". In the same city, he began his spiritual career as a reader, and later as a Sunday school teacher.

He graduated from the graduate school and in the early 2000's. was ordained a deacon in the church of the Nativity of Christ. Later, Archbishop Istra Arseny ordained him to the rank of priest. 10 years ago, Father Vladislav began to serve in the Leonov Temple of the Deposition. 2 years is the rector of the temple "Life-giving Spring" in Bibirevo.

Liturgical schedule

temple of a living source in a bibirevo schedule

The "Life-giving Spring" temple is always open forparishioners, but in those days when there are no services, it works from 9 to 19 hours. The timetable of the temple of the living source in Bibirevo can always be seen at the entrance to the temple. As a rule, on Sunday the temple closes an hour earlier. In general, work in the church starts from the beginning of the morning service and continues until the end of the evening. On Fridays the akathists of the Most-Holy Theotokos are recited. And also before the icon of the Mother of God "Vladimirskaya" every Saturday at 19:30 preparatory conversations are held for the Sacrament of Epiphany (ejaculation talks) for the godfather, adult baptized and parents of young baptized.

Timetable of services of the templein Bibirevo in August 2017 was published on the web page of the temple. Since August 14, the Assumption Post began, on the same day the Crossing of the Holy Cross (Honey Spas) was celebrated. After 2 weeks, on August 28, the feast of the Assumption will take place. Every Saturday at the temple, Vigil is performed at 17:00. On Sundays, the Liturgy is served, which begins at 8:40. Schedule of water-moleben molebens and funeral services can also be found on the site of the temple of the icon "The Life-giving Spring" in Bibirevo.

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