Compatibility of the female Lion and Sagittarius men: what will be the union?

Idyll between the woman Leo and the man Sagittariusis quite real. Here you can make the most favorable forecasts. However, everything will be exactly so, if both sincerely respect, love each other and have high moral standards. Otherwise, eternal conflicts, constant quarrels and feelings of wounded vanity are ensured. We will not hurry and consider all the nuances in more detail.

compatibility of a lion female and a Sagittarius man

Compatibility of the female Lion and Sagittarius man: why is this possible?

The Lion woman is very bold, capricious and independentperson, which, in fact, attracts the man of Sagittarius. However, the problem is that such a lady is not always in the liking of courting a gentleman who treats her like her younger sister. She is used to feeling like a queen and requires an appropriate attitude. The Sagittarius man often jokes inappropriately, starts conversations on obscure topics, which, of course, irritates the lady of Leo. She does not immediately realize that in this way he tries to attract her attention, to like the powerful person. As soon as she understands this, she immediately becomes clear that they have quite a lot of common ground: both love communication, can not live without travel and just love luxury. The ideal union of Leo and Sagittarius is possible due to one fact. They perfectly complement each other in an intimate life, where there is only a place of passion.

union of lion and archer

Compatibility of the female Lion and Sagittarius man: what will be the family union?

In such a family, the husband and wife will just burndesire to subjugate one another. However, thanks to sincere and strong feelings, they will not only successfully take this, but also expand their social horizons. For example, a Leo-woman marries a Sagittarius man when he only tries to make his first steps in a career and very much doubts everything. She will push him, inspire him, direct the activities in the right direction. And soon he will turn from a novice loser into a successful businessman. After several years of family life, both will realize that they can not live without each other, and love only becomes stronger. The partners are also changing. The man becomes more calm and assiduous, the woman is sensitive and condescending. There is no trace of self-esteem and pride. Very often, such a couple acquires a few children, always desired and planned.

does the archer of lion fit?

Compatibility of the female Leo and Sagittarius men: what can be the difficulty?

The most important problems in this couple's relationship -selfishness and pride. The Lion's wife will be annoyed by the partner's jokes about her flaws or weaknesses. After all, she is sure that such simply can not be. Criticism will cause irritation in the lady, she will seek to confirm her perfection from the lips of other people. Can this be liked by the selfish Sagittarius, who is absolutely sure of the correctness of his judgments? It turns out a vicious circle. There is quite a reasonable question: does the Sagittarius fit the Lion in general? Of course yes. Just need a little wait, learn to think not only about yourself, but also about a loved one, about his desires and needs, to give up trying to completely subjugate a partner, not to be angry over trifles. Compatibility of the female Lion and Sagittarius man means first of all friendship and understanding between them. There will be - and there will be boundless happiness!

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