Let's look into the dream book: tears - why would it?

In the life of every person there come moments, causing him violent emotions and

dream book tears
accompanied by weeping and tears. And it is not necessary that some sad and tragic circumstances contribute to this: you can cry from happiness. And what if the tears came to us in a dream? What to expect and what to prepare for? We will try to find answers to these questions by applying for the interpretation of dreams to the most famous and popular dream books of our time.

Ancient French dream book: tears for joy

According to the interpretation of this source, tears andcrying in a dream promise the arrival of pleasant and joyful events. Also, the dreamer can expect various meetings, which in the future will play an important role in his career.

What does it mean to cry in a dream?

The modern dream book of tears treats as a sign,Predicting impending trouble and trouble. If in a dream you see other people crying, then your problems and troubles will cause anxiety and a desire to help those around you, friends and colleagues.

If you dream that you are shedding tears duringhow to cut an onion, then in real life you risk showing weakness and yielding to persistent demands, which you will later find very difficult to tolerate. In the event that the cause of tears is grinding on the grater, the cause of your problems and concerns may be accidentally discovered by you a letter or a note to your husband or lover from a mistress. What other interpretation of such dreams does this dream book offer us? Tears of someone else's child, he treats as a forerunner of future troubles with children. Tear-stained mother symbolizes a sense of desperate loneliness, experienced by the dreamer. If in a dream you laugh to tears, then in real life you risk very much offending your loved one with an unjust reproach.

dream dream of crying

Why crying? Islamic dream book

Tears are very often a sign thata person feels lonely and very homesick for his relatives and friends, being forced to be far from them. Deserted cold tears, according to the interpretation of this dream book, promise the dreamer a variety of joys and pleasures, and hot - sorrow and anxiety. If you saw tears in the eyes of someone you know, then, most likely, this person suffers from his own waste.

dream dream tears in a dream
What do we foretell the Gypsy dream book? Tears

To cry in a dream is to receive a letter with bad news. If you see a crying baby, then you will receive kind and pleasant messages.

Magic dream book: tears in a dream - a sign of weakness

If in a dream you saw yourself crying and notable to stop tears, in real life you are most likely a very weak person who can not find the strength to resist the blows of fate and life challenges. And you do not want to admit to yourself of your own weakness, but shift responsibility to other people and circumstances. This dream book recommends that you stop whining and look for excuses to failures, and get down to building your own destiny. If in a dream you have a great desire to cry, but with all the might holding back tears, then in reality you try not to share your problems with others, but experience them yourself, alone. Do not be afraid to show your emotions! After all, there are people around you who are always ready to help or even to console.

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