Stones of Aries are women. Mystical properties

Aries are very sensitive people. They are prone to extravagance, like everything bright and unusual. A large number of pioneers are born under this sign. Aries quickly make a decision and are unable to postpone any further business. The stones of Aries-women are always distinguished by brilliance and originality. They help their owners in any endeavors and guard against ill-wishers, which Aries have enough.


It is one of the most expensive and beautiful minerals. Like some other stones of Aries-women, it has not only great value, but also strong energy. However, not all so simple. His properties, he reveals only if it was given or left in the inheritance. The bought diamond will have to be worn for about seven years. Only after that you can feel its influence. It is very dangerous to wear a diamond, obtained dishonestly. In this case, the stone will get rid of the unwanted owner, which can lead to the most unfortunate consequences.

stones of a woman's ram


The stones of Aries-women possess incredible beauty. The best confirmation of this is the ruby. It is a stone of strength, power and stormy energy. It is intended for active people, who occupy not the last place in the society. Ruby strengthens forces, protects from negative energy and dispels anguish. This stone engenders in the soul of its owner the desire for great deeds. He attracts a person to feats, warns of danger, gives happiness and love. It is believed that he protects from evil spells and spirits. Ruby has a positive effect on human health, strengthens the heart, and gives fertility to women. Ruby is not recommended for people with blood problems.


Which stones are most suitable for Aries? Taking into account that these people are very active, it is best for them to wear stones that help restore strength. Sapphire is an excellent option. He is handsome, pleases the look and has a beneficial effect on his possessor. Sapphire recovers lost strength and helps the body to recover. This stone not only heals, but also brings victory, and women return the ability to give offspring. Most often the sapphire is blue. However, it can be gray, and brown, and black, and any other. Sapphires have the ability to change color depending on the lighting.

what stones are suitable for women


Stones of Aries-women can be not onlyprecious. But from this, their properties and benefits do not decrease. The pomegranate will become a true helper to people active and emotional. He helps them to concentrate and make the right decision. It perfectly suits those who seek their goals and spare no effort and time. To such people garnet will bring good luck.

Aries stones on a horoscope


Such a mineral can choose for itself uncertainin itself Aries. Stones on a horoscope should necessarily be combined with character of the person. Amethyst brings to life a balance and peace. He will help his owner gain confidence in himself, give strength and energy, drive away bad thoughts and bad mood. Amethyst attracts wealth and fame.


This stone is perfect for family people. He protects from deception, gives harmony in relationships and helps in family affairs.

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