Aries Men: in love - a dragon, in life - fire

Not everyone believes in astrology, but everything is fineunderstand: the same men in the world does not happen, and consequently, the character of a man can completely depend on his sign of the Zodiac. Of course, not every Aries is 100% consistent

men of ram in love
the following description. However, as practice shows, there is much in common in the behavior of men born under this sign. At least, that the man-Aries is a dragon in love, no representative of this galaxy doubts. And what do the stars say on this subject?

Astrological characteristics of Aries-lover

Aries men in love and in life behavethe same. They are always very energetic, extremely impulsive, very selfish and aggressive. Aries can change endlessly its passions and passions, be tight-fisted or generous, affectionate or assertive, but it will never be boring or dull. He is in constant motion, his life is always filled with events, experiences, she has a wild tempo. A girl who dreams of Aries must forever forget the words "peace", "silence", "stagnation".

man aries in love compatibility
Aries men in love are such that usually theirelect women feel like a barrel of gunpowder: to predict what will end the meeting, they can not ever. Perhaps the lover will invite you to the most expensive restaurant (Aries never counts money), and perhaps the meeting will end with a meeting with diggers in the dungeon or shish kebabs in the forest. The most positive feature of a male Aries is the ability to drive women mad. Falling in love, they become subtle and perceptive, fully read the desires and even the thoughts of the chosen one and immediately perform everything she thought about. However, the girls will have to pay for such an attitude. Aries men in love are creepy proprietors. They are jealous not only to individuals of their sex, but to everything that can wear men's pants, including friends and even moms.

Aries and sex

The desire to dominate, violent fantasies, aggressiveness, a slight raid of sadism - such is the man-Aries in love. The compatibility of the sign is quite wide: it is Aquarius, and Leo, and other signs.

man aries dragon in love
Some are able to lead Aries, others to himobey, with the third he can form an equal union, and the fourth he uses for simple intrigues. Aries men in love and sex have their own philosophy: they are not convicts, marriage is not a prison, life is beautiful, and one has to try everything in time. However, if in such thoughts the chosen one is noticed, Aries will immediately abandon her. In bed, a man is assertive, demanding, fits creatively. He is usually surprised if the partner does not understand his fantasies, and takes offense if she does not accept them. Therefore, the chosen one will have to try, reconcile with the rigid manner of the partner and remember: the woman on her knees excites Aries the most. Aries men in love rarely change their wives spiritually, but sometimes they do not eschew intrigues. Convince Aries that he is wrong is impossible. He can change his mind every quarter of an hour, but remain in the absolute consciousness of his own rightness. If a woman wants to stay with Aries, she should remember a few simple "no": do not argue, do not change, do not be boring. And then everything will certainly work out. After all, some signs can even control Aries.

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