Mother of God: the icon and its prototype

She is prayed for help, healing, intercession. She is thanked for the successful resolution of difficult everyday situations. It is a symbol of chastity, meekness and incomprehensible, inhuman goodness and wisdom. All this is the Mother of God. The icon is sure to be in every temple, regardless of its size and status in the Christian hierarchy. It must be in every house where the Lord and his commandments are honored.

Mother of God icon

Icons are different, but Mother is one

However, the icons depicting the Virgin Mary aredifferent, they all bear certain names and patronize the resolution of some difficult situations in the life of Christians. However, the Mother of God will hear the prayer before any of them, the icon is not the main thing, it is important what thoughts, soul, feelings are addressed to it, how sincerely and sincerely the words or thoughts of a person are raised. However, there were also such cases that the Most Blessed was praying to the praying woman and she said where to find the concrete icon, before which prayers should be offered. Her face on any canvas is always filled with sorrow, only sorrow itself is sometimes light and light, sometimes mournful. And how else can a saint look at us, who are in the earthly life in eternal troubles (not those and not for the most part), sufferings or sins. The Mother of God, whose icon should be in every house where the Lord and his covenants are honored, is always depicted with his son. She gently presses him to her, then holds her arms, then she solemnly shows the light.

temple of the icon of the Mother of God

The image in detail

Mother of God, whose icon is in your houseor in monasteries, usually has on all canvases some common features of appearance. Her hair is always hidden under the cloak, which falls on her shoulders. This is the way in Israel, more than 2,000 years ago, was supposed to dress a woman. Traditionally, it was a veil of red color, which should remind us of its origin from the royal family, as well as incredible suffering. By the way, this cape should be properly called "maforiy". The lower layer of clothing is usually written in blue, which emphasizes that the Mother of God, whose icon is before us, is heavenly pure and perfect more than any of the people. With such subtle details, the painters point to the heavenly destiny and God-chosenness of this woman, who happened to become a Mother and go through a full of suffering and sorrow on the earthly path.

the icons of the Mother of God meaning

Symbols and their interpretation

The symbolism of the icon of the Mother of God is also noteworthy,meaning and interpretation of which reveals the deep meaning of the image. In Christianity, under the face of the Virgin, they understand not only the concrete person, but the whole church. For example, the sleeves on Maria's clothes are bails, traditional for priests' garb. The Ribbons emphasize that the Blessed, and with it the whole church, are called to serve with the high priest - Christ. The stars on the head and shoulders point to the purity and divinity of Mary, since in Christmas, before and after him, she was a Virgin. It is also a symbol of trinity. The temple of the icon of the Mother of God is in many cities of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and other countries where many people believe in Christ the Savior. In many of them there are miracle-working icons that have shown people their incredible possibilities at the will of God.

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