What is the dream that awaits us? What are the fires for?

Unfortunately, a waking fire is a very terribletragedy, disaster. From the point of view of linguistic norms, the word "fire" is a complete synonym for words such as "misfortune" and "disaster." Some psycholinguists correlate the words "fire" and "death" together. But it's not about that. A number of dream books on the interpretation of certain paintings involving fire seen by a person during their sleep interpret this phenomenon as an indication of a natural disaster. But there are also such interpreters who claim that a fire in a dream is a purification and renewal of all life! What this all means and, finally, what the fires are looking for - we learn from this article! Forward!

What does the fires do according to Miller's dream book?

Popular and beloved by many Americanpsychologist Gustav Miller opens before us very bright prospects, giving such dreams a positive value. He claims that a fire in a dream is a happy sign, indicating a change, to the fulfillment of the plans that are planned, which will prove to be grandiose. And yet the scientist adds to his iridescent speeches a small "spoonful of tar."

  1. Victims, whom you will see during a fire in your dream, portend to you and your family of illness.
  2. Walking through the ashes is a longing for the past.
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What dreams of fires in the dream book Tsvetkova

  1. If you see clean and without excess soot and smokefire, then get ready for the fact that your life will change in ... the better side! Such a bright and pure flame is a symbol of the fulfillment of your cherished desires. Note that this interpretation applies only to those dreams in which fiery tongues do not affect buildings and do not destroy people.
  2. There is in the dream book of Yevgeny Tsvetkov and not quiterainbow interpretation of what the fire is about. Smoke, soot and the rapid spread of the languages ​​of the fiery flame warn you of future illnesses, worsening of well-being, fears, phobias, and depression. Syndromes of panic attacks are not excluded!
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  3. Do you see how the fire suddenly broke out in the house? There are quarrels between household members. Harmony in your family after such a dream will not come soon.
  4. If the flames just curl around your home, without touching it, then you will enjoy an enviable position in society.
  5. If you observe from the side how your own house burns, expect big losses in life; if you see how the unfamiliar building burns, - on the horizon unexpected happiness!
  6. Why dream of putting out a fire? To peace and tranquility? To the solution of all ills? No, friends! This dream is a symbol of some unplanned work that you will do in the near future. In addition, this dream can mean quarrels and discord with society.
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Why the fires in the dream book Longo

  1. According to this dream book, fires are an omen of scandal, quarrels, losses and treason!
  2. To extinguish a fire is a symbol of constant conflicts and scandals with your participation.
  3. Are you trying to escape by escaping from the fire? You are cowardly and infantile in life: you are a clown and a little white, a mattress and a small child! You only know how to solve all the problems, running away from them, cowedly trailing the tail.
  4. If you dream of your own arson, then you are a hypocrite and an egoist! Because of your fault, others suffer! Think about it before it's too late!
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