Aries: a mascot for women. Aries stone talisman by birth date

Talisman is a gift that we presentonly to the closest people, thus seeking to give them protection, even when we are not around. Which stone is the mascot of Aries? This is the first zodiacal sign. He opens an astrological year. People born under this sign are the most energetic of all. What kind of talisman for Aries is needed, what to look for and how to choose, we'll talk here and now.

Aries mascot

Characteristics of the character of a man born under the sign of Aries

Aries is the most "male" sign among allthe rest. He is fond of Mars, thanks to which the man-Aries gets high performance, a hot temperament, perseverance and willpower. He was not used to setting light goals. People around him often suffer from excessive impulsiveness and a desire to always be right in everything. If you need a fresh idea, you definitely need Aries, he always has a lot of ideas.

In many respects he is a pioneer, although herarely enough patience to finish what was started. A leader by nature, he needs approval and praise to go further. The Aries talisman should help him to be in a balanced state, to restrain his straightforwardness and ardent temper. At the same time, the enamored man-Aries aspires to spend every free moment next to the chosen one. He does not spare presents and compliments.

Woman Aries

A woman born under this constellation is not inclinedto sighs and waning in the clouds. She stands firmly on the ground and is constantly in motion. Very independent. Never show fatigue or weakness. She is a pattern of determination, bright and impulsive, like fire. Freedom and movement - the main thing in her life. If you need a quiet quiet keeper at home, you will be disappointed. Girl-Aries is used to the fact that the world revolves around her and for her. It subordinates to its will all those who are in the same territory with it. Choosing a talisman for Aries-women, you should consider what traits you want to emphasize: some of them will enhance its efficiency, others - give health, and still others - success in the field of love.

mascot for a ram-woman

What you should consider before choosing a mascot

Before you go after a mystical gift, you need to know the following:

  1. The stone-talisman for Aries-a woman may not suit a man.
  2. The shape of the stones and the shade of color.
  3. Representatives of the same sign can differ sharply among themselves, depending on which decade they were born in. Choose the talisman of Aries by the date of birth.

Which stones should not be taken

When choosing an Aries talisman, avoid:

  1. Lapis lazuli.
  2. Opal.
  3. Malachite.
  4. Coral.

These stones are perfect for Libra. Aries they do not carry positive energy.


Aries fit:

  • Alexandrite - it will help the representatives of the fire sign to recover morally.
  • Diamond - the king of gems will give his master the power and ability to influence the environment. It's best if the diamond is presented as a gift.
  • Aquamarine will bring into the soul of Aries the balance, which he so often lacks.
  • The pomegranate will give love happiness.
  • Hematite - its ability to restore human energy and mind will give Aries a good mood and a sense of harmony.
  • Heliotrope will give Aries courage and determination. Will diminish the negative and help attract luck to the owner of the stone. It is best to buy it in the form of a ring than in a suspension.
  • Rubin will present success in love, in addition, he will endow the owner with vitality. The stone is recommended to be worn by influential people.

If you are looking for a talisman for Aries-a man, choosepyrite. For girls, it does not fit. But warn the future owner that the stone does not like constant socks and requires caution to itself. He will give the master strength and help to find the right solution to the problem.

Aries: sign of the zodiac, talismans

An interesting fact: with a strong connection with his mistress (since ruby ​​and garnet are mostly female stones), he will warn about the danger and become dark. These stones are universal.

Stones by date of birth

To people born before March 31, jasper or hematite is suitable. They will help Aries overcome selfishness. If a man is loving, give him a carnelian.

People who were born between 1 and 11 April,you need to give other stones. Leadership is not so important to them as a family home. They are protected by the sun. Therefore, a gift will suit amber or bloody jasper, cat's eye and those stones, in which there is shine and light impregnations.

Representatives of the fire sign that were born in the period from 12 to 20 April, influenced by the planet of love - Venus. They can give a sapphire or a pomegranate.

Aries: stone is a mascot for a woman

How to choose the shape and color

For the Aries talisman the shape of the ball is best suited. It promotes spiritual development and self-improvement.

Red, yellow, orange stones will give determination, but the green ones will help to establish relationships with colleagues and family, restraining stubbornness and impulsiveness of nature.

What else to present?

Stones are not the only version of the talisman gift. What other talismans for the sign of the zodiac Aries can be presented as a gift? Symbolic weapons (real weapons and knives can not be given), animal figures, metal products.

Stone-mascot of the ram by the date of birth

Metal for the ram

The best metal for the representatives of the fireOf course, the sign is gold. Many nations in ancient times believed that this metal gives the ability to self-improvement and knowledge. Gold will help Aries focus on accomplishing one particular task and find a way out of the confusing situation. The talisman will help to concentrate and correctly direct the energy available to the host. If you choose not a ring as a gift, but, for example, a coin, you should always carry it with you. Gold bullion will be an ornament of the desktop.


Trees are real live wards. Aries is best suited for oak. This tree has long been considered a symbol of male power and might. Talismans from oak will give the owner patience and calmness. They should be decorated with the astrological symbol of Aries, so their effect is enhanced. Also suitable hazel. A talisman from this tree will calm the ram and remove aggression.


Symbolic weapons (preferably doneby hand): swords, sabers, spears, knives are perfect for Aries. The image of the hammer of the Torah will give victory in love and deeds, eliminate all competitors, envious persons and ill-wishers.


The figurine, symbolizing the sign of Aries, will protect the owner from misfortune, will give peace. A deer will help the owner to become more active, active and not to deviate from the conceived.

Talismans for attracting financial well-being

Aries luck is promised the following monetary talismans:

  • Cornucopia - it will help the owner to live, not denying himself anything.
  • Gold coin or bullion.
  • The beetle is a scribe - this symbol favors all representatives of the fiery element. Magic wand for those who are in financial difficulties.
  • Tulip. In the culture of the East it is considered a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

Badge of the Aries stone mascot

The wallet for Aries should be red. A great gift will be a simple lighter. Aries can relieve tension by simply looking at the fire.

Choose for Aries a talisman, and let it bring not only financial success and success in love, but also harmony in the soul and heart of its master.

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