Orthodox Ekaterinburg: the Temple of Seraphim of Sarov

In Yekaterinburg, many beautiful Orthodox churches. Therefore, when at the entrance to the city park 50th Anniversary of the Komsomol, nicknamed in the people of Sobach, conceivedconstruction of a new one, some displeasure arose among the people. As a result, when the construction was over, Yekaterinburg received the temple of Seraphim of Sarov. The building became a real decoration of the city.

Yekaterinburg Temple of the Seraphim of Sarov


In 2001, the first brick was laid. More than six years waiting Yekaterinburg is the temple of Seraphim of Sarov. This is how much construction lasted. Father Hermogenes, the rector of the church, made every effort to complete the work as soon as possible. In 2006, the main construction work was completed and church services began.


In the territory surrounding the temple, the flowerbeds were set up, a children's playground was set up, and benches were installed for those who needed rest and prayer.

Seraphim of Sarov, praying on a stone, is a sculpture that meets pilgrims at the temple, inspiring a sincere conversion to God.

Temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov Ekaterinburg

The temple is smart, made of red brick. It is seen from afar. The splendor of the domes encourages travelers, walking and traveling by.

The building is three-storeyed. On the first floor there is a sisterhood in the name of the Great Martyr Elisaveta Fedorovna, on the second floor there is a refectory where the physical needing food can come in, the altar is on the third floor.

The interior of the church is amazing. It seems to shine from within. Light comes from icons, from beautifully decorated walls. The impression is unusual. It's all because of the light blue, purple, white, pink colors used in painting the icons, frescoes. Complement the effect of gilding.

Arriving in Ekaterinburg, the temple of Seraphim of Sarov must be visited without fail to see this beauty, to plunge into this boundless light.

Yekaterinburg Temple of the Seraphim of Sarov

How to get there

This architectural structure was located in front of the regional department of UGIBDD, at 3 Yasnaya Street, Yekaterinburg. The Temple of Seraphim of Sarov is not difficult to find.

You can get there by tram No. 32, after reaching the "Palace of Sports" stop or to the "Posadskaya" stop by buses and minibuses under numbers 12, 18, 022, 41, 083.

Coordinates for motorists - 56.815474, 60.582304.

The temple is a cultural center

Is one of the centers of Orthodox culture Ekaterinburg. The Temple of Seraphim of Sarov not only conducts services. There is a youth club, a children's puppet theater, a drama and folklore circle, a doll making workshop, and an icon painting workshop. There is a children's and adult Sunday school.

The services here are held daily. The temple is open from eight in the morning until eight in the evening. Usually the morning service starts at 9.00, the evening - at 17.00.

Now you know how the temple of Seraphim of Sarov works (Ekaterinburg). The schedule of services is changing, it needs to be clarified directly from the temple workers.
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