March. Sign of the zodiac of Aries and Pisces. Character, career, love

What is the zodiac sign in March? They are Pisces and Aries. One closes the zodiacal circle, the other opens it. Aries are stubborn and irritable, the nature of these people is not so simple. Fish, on the contrary, are somewhat sensitive. They like to dream and to behold the beautiful, prefer to spend time alone.

March. Sign of the zodiac Pisces and Aries. Character

Fish. Sometimes it is not easy to understand them. But they themselves seem to see people through, in many respects it is promoted by strongly developed intuition. People born under this sign, almost never lose patience and self-control. They will always understand, listen, give advice and never reveal another's secrets. Pisces can easily be wounded with words, besides, they are fearful.

They like to dream, act slowly, think more than do. They are characterized by a frequent change of mood and even depression.

Aries (March zodiac sign) - an impressive personality,with great willpower. This person is difficult not to notice. He is either loved or hated, there are simply no indifferent people. But Aries himself does not understand people well, he does not notice shortcomings, which often leads to disappointment, although this is a good friend. Sincere and always comes to the rescue.

For him, the whole life is a continuous action. Constantly somewhere in a hurry, doing something. He believes that everything is always in his hands. Often the mental abilities of Aries are impressive. But not everyone can establish relations with representatives of this sign. Only those who have great patience and minimal arrogance.

March. Sign of the zodiac Pisces and Aries. Career

Fish. It is not for nothing that this sign is characterized by two fish swimming in different directions. This expresses all the duality of nature. On the one hand, they are purposeful, and on the other hand they are slow and too dreamy. Pisces is more like a profession related to art or any social activity. They are excellent specialists in the field of medicine and pedagogy. They easily get along with people and quickly get accustomed to a new team. This is the complete opposite of the trailing sign of February-March.

Zodiac sign Aries just hates to sit idly byhands, with great enthusiasm, takes up everything new. In his heart he is a real leader and thanks to his character he often achieves high posts. The most successful areas for him are military affairs, legal professions, surgery. Since Aries are good speakers, they easily master the profession of journalists, TV and radio presenters. But monotonous and monotonous work is not for them, they will soon run away from such work, they need dynamics.

March zodiac sign Pisces and Aries in love

Pisces know the sense of love and subtlety of feelings. They are passionate and skillful, both physiologically and spiritually. But the Pisces themselves are easy-witted and inclined to present to the partner inflated demands. And what is most interesting, they can quickly become disillusioned with their partner. One embarrassing word and Pisces partner becomes not interesting.

Women are true conquerors of men's hearts. They are simply amazing. Beautiful, feminine, they have a special charm. They often marry very early, become faithful and faithful wives.

Men are generous and worship their wives. They are just wonderful husbands. In general, March is a patron of good family men.

Aries zodiac sign are communicative, thanattract the opposite sex. There are always a lot of admirers and fans around them. They have fun, flirt, and many novels. In the family life, the years go by 35.

Women are ambitious, push their man to new beginnings and exploits, but sometimes they are too aggressive. They need a man who is able to put in place.

Men are somewhat irresponsible, but they idolize their wife, surround her with care and attention.

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