For those with Virgo as the sign of the Zodiac, agate will be useful

the virgin sign of the zodiac stone

Mind, uncommon logic, calm,balance, attention to everyday trifles - these are such good qualities that the Virgin (the sign of the Zodiac) possesses. The stone that should be worn by people born under this constellation must support the positive traits of the character of its owner and contribute to the fight against the negative. In particular, Virgo very often plunge into meditations over material problems and have excessive criticality in relation to others.

The latter quality often provokes reversereactions in the form of negative energy emissions. What amulet to protect against such manifestations can be worn by the Virgin (zodiac sign)? The stone "tiger's eye" in this case can be considered a powerful amulet. It is suitable for people who are constantly busy with business, are active and purposeful. He protects both at work and at home, keeping their property, house, and also preventing scenes of jealousy and quarrels.

What decorations, perhaps, will be glad Virgo (signThe zodiac)? The stone in them should not have too bright a shine, it is good to harmonize with clothes and a situation. In this respect, people born in late August or early September are very pedantic, so their collection of minerals allows for more than a dozen different samples. Since the date of birth is on the change of a warm summer in the cold autumn, Virgo may need both support for the stones of red shades in winter, and "cooling" in the summer with the help of light or transparent samples.

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What minerals can wear in the winter Virgo (signThe zodiac)? The talisman stones here are represented by corals, orange agates, red jasper. For those who dedicate their lives to the main job, jasper is an essential tool for good relations with superiors and rapid promotion. Corals strengthen the development of logic, relieve tension and fears, allowing the Virgos to preserve the serenity and equanimity they value so much.

sign of the zodiac maiden man of stone

The sunny colors of agates fit perfectlyfor people of high moral standards, help them to withstand difficult life situations, acquire friends and establish relationships. If there is a person near you, whose sign of the Zodiac Virgo (man), the stone of such a plan will help him become less cold in the relationship. Also, he will be able to successfully resist in conflicts, from which the representative of this sign usually tries to leave by virtue of his own upbringing.

How should they choose the accessories for summerwho on a horoscope Virgo - a sign of the Zodiac? Stone cacholong (white opal) or rock crystal will help in the middle of summer heat to find a pure state of mind, bring peace and goodness to the family. Crystal very effectively clears the space from the negative, which makes it very valuable for Dev, who are usually "obsessed" with cleanliness in all plans. Minerals that are not suitable for those born under this sign are dark samples (labrador, hematite, black opal). They have a depressing effect on the spiritual world. Pyropas and black onyx can also act negatively, and green jasper, malachite, lapis lazuli, yellow diamond, on the contrary, can enrich the energy of these people.

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