What does the accident look like? Sigmund Freud says that to orgasm in a dream!

You never thought about what you're dreaming aboutcrashes, dead people, coffins, funerals, rats, toilets, rotten teeth and other, sorry for the expression, Labuda? There is an opinion that this is an ordinary projection of real events. Here, for example, you are going to go to the dentist in the week. And suddenly on the eve you see a dream about rotten or torn teeth ... You start to wind it up, that this is some kind of warning, and this is just a normal projection sleep. You thought about the dentist, about the hike to the dentist - that's what you dreamed about at all ... the same can be said about dreams with car accidents and other accidents. We think a lot about what the accident of a bus, a minibus, a train, an airplane, etc., is dreaming, and in fact often these auto- and air crashes enter our dreams only because we ourselves are active motorists.

what does the accident look like
We very often have to face on the roads with various force majeure circumstances and unpredictable situations that get out of control.

What psychologists say about projection dreams

Psychologists watched the phenomenon of projectionsleep. In particular, they called their version of what accidents with these or other vehicles are dreamed of. These dreams are a projection of real events or thoughts of a person: on the one hand, such visions are emotional and psychological in nature and recreate the hidden subconscious fears of active motorists, and on the other - reflect the real situation, as if modeling already occurred or far-fetched events-fears.

And if this is not a projection?

And now let's think about what the accident looks like to people who have nothing to do with driving vehicles or moving to them.

what does the bus accident dream about
At the same time in their dreams these people are likeby external observers. In general, in such cases, such dreams are a symbol of future troubles. And it's not a fact that it will be connected with cars or tracks. Such dreams can, without exaggeration, become prophetic. This can be understood by the degree of experiencing the dream at the moment of awakening. If this manifests itself too clearly and clearly, you suffer in these or those experiences, then within the next few days try to be especially careful. If you saw some dates, numbers, dates, numbers in a dream, then try to find a logical explanation and avoid these figures in every possible way. If you think allegorically, the explanation of what dreams to see an accident is: it is a harbinger of disappointments, setbacks and other bitter defeats. And if we do not just see the accident, but also participate in it?

What does the accident with our participation look like?

what is it that dreams of seeing an accident

  1. If you get into a car accident in a dream, then in real life you will be upset because of some unsuccessful entertainment event.
  2. If in your dream you went by bus, whichcollided forehead with the other bus, where there was an interesting person for you, then there is a real sexual passion ... Sigmund Freud (photo) writes that such "sleepy" car accidents are a projection of sexual emotions as a result of real communication with the one you are interested in this plan man. This sounds too provocative, but Freud assures that such a dream is a physical sexual discharge for the person who sees it. In other words, it's an orgasm in a dream. Forgive me for my "French", but it turns out that you can not only get wet from fear, but also get an orgasm.
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