Dream Interpretation: A Pregnant Woman Dreams of Changes in Life

In principle, many of our dream symbolsreaders could interpret and independently. Perhaps not as detailed as specially designed for this purpose books - dream books, but more or less. Take, for example, such a dream - a pregnant woman. What can this symbol mean? Probably, certain changes that are coming in life.

In fact, a pregnant woman in a dream inmost cases symbolize just the changes in the life of the one to whom she dreamed, in particular, if it is a man. In some cases, given certain circumstances that accompanied this symbol and its environment, such a dream may portend and not very good events.

Let's take for comparison a few differentcopies of books that correspond to our subject, we will try to make a comparative analysis and make the most of the benefits. For example, look at the Noble Dream Book. A pregnant woman, if she dreams of men, informs them about changes in family affairs. We will consider that we are talking about good changes, since pregnancy precedes the appearance of a new life in the world of God, which always pleases.

Again, the very process of childbirth is associated with somedifficulties and even torment, is not it? This is what the given dream book says - a pregnant woman, who is allowed from a burden, that is, gives birth in a dream, heralds some difficulties in business enterprises. In particular, difficulties will arise at the end of a particular case, even at its conclusion. If a dreamer is a man, and he dreams that he bears in himself a fruit (everything happens in dreams), then in his life a new period begins, connected with those grandiose plans that he has been boring in real life lately.

As this dream book says, a pregnant woman, withwhich you lie in bed is a good dream, promising pleasant changes in various spheres of life. If a man dreams that a woman has given birth to a child, then his love in reality will be fervent, and he will get the attention of some passionate person. If a woman dreams that she is pregnant, then the psychological problems associated with the fear of pregnancy are not excluded. Or maybe, on the contrary, with a pathological desire for pregnancy in the real world.

Perhaps in this case it should be usedservices of a good specialist in the field of psychology. But if the dreamer sees another woman pregnant, then success in all matters, prosperity, strives for her, and the economy will be in order. Bad dream is for a girl. I mean, if she dreamed that she was pregnant. This means treason. Who and whom will change here is not specified, but still unpleasant.

Nothing good for women of advanced age is notpromises this dream book. Pregnant, especially if it's a dreamer herself - to the danger in her life. Be careful in everything, at least for a while. It's bad for dreamers and see themselves giving birth. In love you are waiting for deception instead of happiness, and in general something bad can happen in life. The same, or something more bad can happen in real life, if in a dream you felt the pains of birth pains.

Next we have a modern dream book. A pregnant woman who dreams of the one who is actually pregnant, reports that she will be able to give birth in real life, almost without suffering. In other cases, a dream for women promises an unsuccessful marriage in the future. It's bad for a girl to see herself as a babe. She could face a thin rumor, dishonor.

Here is another source in which we have not previouslylooked or looked rarely. He is called the "Snapper of 1829". Here the considered symbol of dreams is recognized as a good sign. In particular, if a person in need sees himself in a dream as pregnant, then he will become rich. But the rich people do not bode well and portend ruination, poverty, at least troubles in the business sphere, in business.

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