Dream Interpretation: What Chickens Dream About

It's always nice to see small and small animals and birds in a dream, and what can be nicer than a tiny yellow chicken. Let's find out what the dreamed little bird symbolizes.

what does a chicken dream about?

What does the chicken look like?: the dream book of Freud

Little yellow chick in sleep warnsyou about the need to do your own health, which in the absence of care can soon deteriorate. If you feed chickens in a dream, then, probably, in the near future you will have to use all your sexual experience in dealing with a very inept partner in intimate affairs.

dream interpretation of what chickens dream about

Intimate dream book: what chickens dream about

This source treats a dream in whichchickens appear as a harbinger of future anxieties and worries because of your lover. If you are just dreaming of a newly hatched chicken, then in the near future you will see the beginning of a long novel, during which you will need remarkable patience. If you call chickens with the goal of locking them in the hen house for the night, then be careful: someone in your environment is waging unkind against you. The dead chicken symbolizes a failure in love. For a married woman, such a dream can be a harbinger of an unwanted pregnancy or a big quarrel with her husband. If you eat chicken, you may be carried away by a person of the opposite sex, who will be much younger than you. Thus, you can severely undermine your own reputation and face a number of problems.

What does the chicken look like?: an esoteric dream book

This interpreter of dreams is consideringdreaming chickens as a symbol of minor troubles and unnecessary worries and worries with which you fill your life. Think about it, because there are things more important, which should be paid attention.

what hatched chicks dream about

What does the chicken look like?: Gypsy dream book

A chicken in a dream presages a profit andincome. If you dream of a chicken with small chickens, then you will get protection and support of a very respected person. If you dream that you are feeding chickens, then expect small setbacks and troubles.

What does the chicken look like?: dream book of a modern woman

A brood of chickens in a dream portends some troublesand cares, which, however, will only benefit you. If you dream that you are eating chicken, then you should moderate your ambitions and selfishness a little, otherwise they threaten to inflict irreparable damage to your reputation. Also, such a dream has another interpretation, consisting of uncertainty both in business and in personal relationships.

What hatched chicks dream about: Dream Book of Aesop

This dream encourages you not to rush into conclusionsabout a situation, if you have not yet learned all the details and details. Also a chicken can personify a weak and insecure person who can not stand up for himself and needs your support and protection. If you dream of a chicken drinking water, then you can not properly evaluate a problem, hurry with conclusions, than give an advantage to your competitors or enemies. If in a dream you see a chicken trying to fly, then expect pleasant news.

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