Interpretation of dreams. Why dream monthly?

Open any dream book. Why dream monthly? There are always many interpretations, and they all differ from each other. Look at the details of sleep.

What is the monthly dream of an American dream book

What does the monthly
Most interpreters believe that monthlysymbolize the transition from the old to the new. Together with new endeavors, you will boldly go your own way. Keep it up! Another meaning of this dream is an unreasonable loss of energy. Let's say that if you decide to go in for sports, you do not have to jump from the spot into the quarry and take up immediately for complex exercises. It will harm your body. And maybe among your colleagues and acquaintances there is an energy vampire? A person, in communication with whom you feel like weaken, will not bring you anything good.

What does a month-old girl dream of an oriental female dream book

When a young woman in a dream is confronted withthe problem of menstruation, this indicates that she should take more care of her health. Health is sacred. Surely you just do not notice some fleeting symptoms of illnesses, do not pay attention to ailments. But with age, the ticklish problems will definitely make themselves felt! So it's better to think about it today than in twenty years to feel like a wretched wreck. If a pregnant woman was caught in a dream in a dream, then in real life she will soon be born a hero with excellent health. But when all your clothes are stained with blood, and you are sure that she is menstrual, be ready for trouble.

dream book
What does the monthly dream of a modern dream book

This dream book again assures that the girl, uwhich began monthly in a dream, is experiencing serious problems in life. When you also experience terrible, painful pains, be wary of treacherous betrayal. Always try to be alert! Such a dream screams to you that you can still fix it.

What does the month-long dream of the Indian dream book Denise Lynn

This interpreter also believes that menstruationtestifies to the cardinal changes in life. You literally fly to a new spiritual level. Give vent to feelings and emotions, of course, if they are positive. Give joy to your relatives. For every perfect good deed, you will receive a huge return from people.

What is the monthly dream of Danilova's erotic dream book

what does a month girl dream about?
If in a dream you feel that you are startingmonth, then, in reality, you may lose something important. Moreover, you understand this and try to replay the situation by all truths and falsities. But first we advise you to think - is it really so valuable that they are trying to take away from you? Most likely, you are guided by a false value system. In general, the dreamed menstruation is a normal, natural phenomenon. After all, you will agree, her absence in time would puzzle you more. Do not worry, the monthly does not bring anything bad in a dream.


Even if the decrypted value of sleep is notarranged, do not rush to get upset. Of all the rules there are exceptions. Maybe you are just too impressed and imagined yourself superfluous. Think with your head!

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