Compatibility of Aquarius and Aries - enchanting union

Aries and Aquarius are two freedom-loving and independentsign. Their alliance (friendly, loveful) always looks like a fantastic firework display that can not only sparkle and delight, but also explode. What do the stars say about the compatibility of Aquarius and Aries? Is it possible to have a happy union of these ambiguous signs?

compatibility of aquarius and ram

Compatibility of Aries and Aquarius. Love and marriage

The union of these two signs is trulyexplosive mixture. Jealous Aries and freedom-loving Aquarius very often do not want to make compromises and concessions. Both involve everything new, and as soon as the novelty passes, the yesterday's object of adoration becomes boring and unnecessary. This is especially true of Aquarius. Nevertheless, the marriage union of these two signs can be very happy.

To maintain harmony in family life Aquariusdo not call Aries a feeling of jealousy, but Aries should try to give Aquarius at least a little freedom and its strength not to suppress the bright and original nature of the partner. Another condition for a successful marriage is the rejection of both signs of leadership, otherwise the desire to prove one's superiority can lead to sad consequences.

compatibility of ram and aquarius
Moreover, leadership is not only in everyday life, but also inbedroom. As a rule, Aries is subjugated by the beauty and personality of Aquarius on the spot, and prefers to surrender at the mercy of the winner. At the very beginning of the relationship, Aquarius is very pleased with the role of the conqueror, but then both signs begin to "clean up" the heart and soul. There are old grievances, omissions. Here the principle of Aries works - to break and bend, but it's not so easy to break Aquarius. Therefore, many astrologers call into question the compatibility of Aquarius and Aries in romantic relationships. These two signs bear either great sorrow or great joy. All they do is seriously. They really love each other or really hate each other. But if they descend to forgiveness, then their relationship will reach a completely different spiritual level. Whatever the case, the most talented children are born from this marriage.

Compatibility of Aquarius and Aries. Attitude to life

Aries prefers to always be in the thick of things, andhere Aquarius tries to observe everything from the side, nevertheless nothing is missing out of sight, and to keep the situation under control. So it is easier for him to maintain his independence, which he needs as air. Aquarians better manage their passions than Aries, for whom hatred and love are an instinct spiced up with a large portion of selfishness. People perceive Aries as naive people, and Aquarians are known as madmen. Their ideas are incomprehensible to the world. But this fact does not disappoint unrecognized geniuses at all, they are sure that they are moving in the right direction. Resolve Aries and non-standard ideas Aquarius is transformed into a precious alloy. Uniting, they are able to turn the whole world.

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Compatibility of Aquarius and Aries. Attitude towards money

Aries very much appreciate the material independence andalways aspire to it. And Aquarius may think that they absolutely do not care about values. On this ground between the two signs, there can be conflicts. Aries is alien to Aquarius. The debate about whether to save the world, between these heavenly signs will never cease.

Zodiac compatibility "Aries and Aquarius" is very controversial. But if they manage to find the golden mean in the relationship, then, perhaps, this union can be considered the brightest!

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