Aries and Cancer: compatibility of opposites

There are few so different and dissimilar pairs,like Aries and Cancer. The compatibility of these signs is often questioned, and not in vain. They are simply diametrically opposed, differ in temperament, in internal circulation, in relation to life. And although something in common they still can be found, there is much more difference. So much so that it's time to ask the question: are Cancer and Aries compatible in principle? Yes, we will answer, nevertheless it is not a horse and quivering doe, the opportunity of union of which was completely dismissed by the great poet. But it will be that still a combustible mixture!

Hyperactive, going ahead Aries and hidingunder the stone from any cataclysms Cancer. The total difference of tactics. In this pair, Aries sometimes have to take on themselves the blows of fate. He would not mind if he felt support from Cancer. The trouble is that Cancer is too judicious, which sometimes just knocks out Aries from the rut, which seems to condemn from the partner. On the other hand, Cancer is able to show increased sensitivity, it can catch Aries' mood and provide the moral support he needs so much. Aries often want to dispel the entrenched opinion about him, to show that inside he is not so stiff and straightforward as it seems. And if someone can catch it - then it's Cancer. On this basis, they can have a relationship, but that's how they will develop later ...

Aries is a winner and a leader by nature. Although he does not like this word, he is a sheep leading a sheep flock. The problem is that the second participant of this uneasy union aspires to supremacy. They are both signs of leadership - Aries and Cancer. The compatibility of the two leaders is a very delicate issue. It is good, if Cancer (and only him) can, with a reluctant heart, make a compromise, that they go nostril to the nostril, stressed, even demonstratively taking all the important decisions together. But even in this case they can not do without conflicts, for even the advance they perceive in different ways: for Aries this is a straight line, for Cancer - a zigzag road that bypasses obstacles. "What are you digging there?" - Turning around, angrily shouted Aries, and this idyll will be interrupted. There will be tears and snot in Cancer and sullen aria of Aries, genuinely puzzled, what is so bad he said or did.

To understand the complexity of the relationshipcouples, it is enough even to look briefly at the horoscope. Cancer and Aries are both highly offbeat, so screams and scandals will accompany them throughout their entire life together. Yes, yes, a joint one. They can still live together - Aries and Cancer - their compatibility, astrologers believe, is not much, but more than fifty percent. And this is true in all cases, regardless of who is who - a man or a woman.

They can come together, feeling the signs of amutual understanding and having experienced the joy of amorous pleasures, to which both Aries and Cancer are equally cherished. The compatibility of their sexuality is approaching the ideal. But the development of relations again will go difficult - Aries will seem that everything is marvelously beautiful and there is no sense to change something, and the sensible Cancer will already pull him into the registry office. They will have to adjust to each other for a long time: Aries - learn to restrain one's emotions, to talk less quietly, not to gesticulate so violently, and Raku - to get used to the temperament of his half, rarely rush into tears, try to show cheerfulness more often. What can really bring them closer is children. Both of them are wonderful parents, for the sake of children they will be deterred from quarreling, and next to them they will feel themselves happy and really close people, united by a common goal, for which they are even ready to change, no matter how difficult it was for Aries and Cancer.

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