Horse and Dragon: compatibility in relationships and marriage

Horse and Dragon, the compatibility of which is described inour article, have similar characters. Therefore, it is rather difficult to get along with these two representatives of the animal world in human form. All that is required to create an ideal and lasting relationship is a little bit of compliance from both the person born under the sign of the Horse and the Dragon.

A bit about the Horse

Horses are born fighters for a place in the sun. Such people will follow the intended goal by all means. Born in a year Horses will never bypass difficulties and problems side. They seek to solve them regardless of the circumstances.

horse and dragon compatibility

Horses are curious enough. Representatives of this sign all their lives are engaged in self-education. Any science interested in them will be studied in the smallest detail. That is why most often professionals in a narrowly specialized direction are born under the sign of this representative of equine animals.

Horses are leaders in life, but in the casedespair can lose self-control. In love, representatives of this sign are real conquerors. If a person of the opposite sex makes his heart beat harder, then, most likely, she has already been subdued.

Male horses do not respect women who are easily accessible and insecure.

A few words about the Dragons

Dragons are by nature quite aggressive andare persistent. These qualities sometimes reach recklessness. However, representatives of the "dragon family" do not notice anything bad in this, because persistence is the character trait that helps to achieve success and prosperity in business.

Fall in love with Dragons sometimes without a memory. An obsession with a wonderful feeling can push those born under this sign to ill-considered and stupid acts. This, unfortunately, is used by most unscrupulous and cold-blooded people.

Dragons do not tolerate conflict and stresssituations. They prefer to turn around and leave. In all appreciate the balance and sense of control. Dragons are leaders in life. Sometimes this quality comes to tyranny.

compatibility horse and dragon woman

Women Dragons love to be admired and cuddled at their feet.

Horse and Dragon. Compatibility in love relationships

As for the relationship and the nascent feelings, thenthese signs are perfect for each other, but only at the stage of the candy-flower period. The excesses of passion and the pleasure of communication drive the wallpaper. But as soon as the relationship goes into a more serious key, the most sinister character traits of both of the signs are revealed.

After the Horse and the Dragon (compatibilitydescribed in detail in our article) go to the second stage in the relationship, the woman ceases to be interesting for him. This is a real catastrophe for the Dragon-girl, who simply adores when she is presented on a pedestal.

It is also remarkable that none of the signslikes to concede. It is this character trait of both often leading to parting. Saves only dislike for the conflict situations of the Dragon, who prefers to quit quarrels. The horse, meanwhile, can think about the situation and cool down a bit.

From the written conclusion suggests: compatibility (Horse and Dragon-woman) is far from ideal, but if both try, a strong relationship is possible.

Is it possible to get married?

Horse and Dragon, the compatibility of whichnot perfect, can reach the altar. And if nevertheless these two managed to reach the altar, then one of them learned to give in to each other. This speaks volumes. In a family tandem, the Horse and the Dragon are just perfect. Of course, there will be no conflicts in this pair, since both have managerial qualities in their blood. But if one of them lost the role of leader and reconciled with this position, then this is a huge plus for further relations.

compatibility horse and dragon man

In this case, we can safely say that compatibility (Horse and Dragon-man) will be ideal.

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