Choose for babies names in the calves in August

names in the calves in August
Know the names in the calves in August or in anyanother month - why is it so important? On the eve of the birth of the baby, one of the most difficult questions arises before the parents: how to name the child? Recently, more and more mothers and dads began to pay attention to the ancient names. Retired in the background are the popular couple a couple of decades ago Tanyusha and Serezha, replaced by Julians and Alberta. More and more people turn when choosing a name for the church calendar, because every month you can find names in the saints: in August, February or May - it does not matter when the baby was born, there is always a name for it. It is believed that with the name of this or that saint to the child pass and his qualities. Let us turn to the calendar and consider the names of saints born in the last summer month.

Names of girls for the holies

August is rich in beautiful names, but usually the child is named by that name, which appears on that day or one or two days later. Now we will look at the most popular names by the month numbers.

1 - Sofia, which in Greek means wise;

4 - Evdokia (Ia), from Greek "favor";

5 - Daria, from the Persian "strong"; Mary, what is translated from Hebrew means "lady, hope"; Nona is pure, holy;

7 - Marina - sea;

9 - Maria;

11 - Sossanna, or more familiar to us - Susanna, Suzanne;

13 - Irina (from the men's Irenaeus - peaceful);

names of girls for the holies August

14 - Eva - giving light;

15 - Mary;

16 - Anna - grace, mercy;

17 - Uliana, Juliana - Roman name;

21 - Martha - mistress, mistress (from Greek);

26 - Maria, Natalia - native from Latin;

27 - Anfisa - blooming from the Greek;

28 - Anna.

Names of boys for the holies

August gives the children of the male many different names. Consider the most popular of them, familiar to our ears.

1 - Alexander, Dmitry, Antony, Leonty (Leonid);

2 - Vasily, Plato, Stefan (Stepan);

3 - Nikolay, Vyacheslav, Antony;

4 - Anthony, Dionysius, Dmitry, Constantine, John (Ivan), Semion (Semyon);

5 - Jonah, Semion;

7 - Alexander, Alexei, Antony, Dmitry, Vasily, John, Peter, Michael;

8 - Herman, Grigory, Leonid, Nikolay;

9 - Alexei, Peter, Dmitry, Antony;

10 - Roman, Vyacheslav;

the names of boys for the holies August
11 - Arkady, Alexei, Alexander, Vyacheslav, Leonid, Vasily, Peter, Nicholas, Sergius;

12 - Alexander, Arkady, Dmitry, Ilya, Nikolai, Sergius, Peter;

13 - Alexei, Vasily, John, Constantine, Nikolai, Maxim;

14 - Alexander, Alexy, Arkady, Basil, Vladimir, Nikolai, Theodore;

16 - Alexander, Jacob;

17 - Alexey, Dmitry, Pavel;

18 - Gregory, Dionysius, Eugene, George, Michael;

19 - Timothy, Andrew, Nikolay;

20 - Vladimir;

21 - Alexander, Paul;

22 - Vasily, Alexei, Alexander, John, Michael;

23 - John, Paul, Nicholas;

24 - Arseny, Peter, George;

25 - Vladimir;

26 - Adrian, Dmitry, George, Victor, Peter, Roman;

27 - Vladimir, Dmitry, Alexander, Mikhail;

28 - Anatoly, Arseny. George, Vasily, Dionysius, Sergius, Leonty, John, Feodor;

29 - John;

30 - Alexander, Daniel, Grigory, Arseny, Ignatius, Peter, Paul;

31 - Mikhail, Gennady, Dmitry, Alexander, Vladimir.

Choose a name with love

As you can see, the female names in the vows in Augustare not found every day. Therefore, you can give the girls names derived from men. In this case, their patron will be that saint, after whom they are named. And the derivatives can be such: Vasilisa, Alexandra, Vitalina, Ivanna and so on. But in general, the names in the saints in August are numerous, parents can always choose to their taste, and the child will be favored by a saint who was born on the same day.

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