What is the dream that awaits us? What does the house dream about?

Every person has a lot to do with home in life: relations with relatives, a state of peace of mind, an intimate atmosphere, a home, material well-being. The house is a family "nest", this is our first "shelter" ... What does the house dream about? This will be the topic of our article today.

What is a house? Is it just a roof and walls or something more? Of course, more. The house is a secret power that accumulates our inner energy, helping us to recover, guarding and protecting us. This is the hearth that warms us on cold winter evenings, etc. So, what do we dream about homes.

What does the house dream about? Dream Interpreter

In any dream with the house there can be different things: it can be sold, built, equipped, destroyed, repaired, etc. As a rule, such dreams speak about certain changes in your life, about instability or about successes in your career, about significant growth in society.

  1. If you dream clean and well-groomed your own home - rejoice, the near future promises to be just as clean and bright!
  2. If you see how your clean house becomes dirty and dark, then beware of unfavorable life changes that will instantly ruin your well-being.
    what do old houses dream of

What does the house dream about? The Dream of Juno

  1. If you dream about the house you are buying, expect favorable changes in your life. It can be a wedding, financial profit, career growth, etc.
  2. What do you think the old houses are dreaming about? And if they also crumble? In general, such dreams do not promise anything good. This is the threshold of divorce, frustration, disruption of family relations. In general, all that you have built for many years, just collapse. Like a house of cards ...
  3. Do you dream that your house is gone? There are financial losses and setbacks at work.
  4. Do you visit your former home (parental home)? You are expecting pleasant and good news, prosperity, joy and coziness.
  5. If a young girl dreams, as she leaves her parents' home - secretly scammers insidious scammers and slanderers! Be on the alert!

What does the house dream about? Family Dream Book

  1. If the house you are dreaming is rural or peasant, it is expected that you will move to another city, because you will have to change your place of work. Sleep should be considered positive.
  2. What do you think, what is the big house dreaming about,which you just bought? Of course, to the wealth and the realization of profitable transactions and plans in reality. If a huge house has inherited you - in real life you will have a reliable partner.
  3. Skyscrapers and royal palaces in dreams signify great happiness and successfully unfolding deeds in reality.
  4. Wooden houses dream of empty conversation andto vain gossip. If such a house is small, you want that in real life you stop to discuss for nothing; if the wooden house is big, then in reality you are a permanent object for gossip, and there will be neither end nor edge to it.
  5. A wooden house without windows is a coffin. Death is coming, but not yours, but someone from your environment.
  6. Wooden huts that fall apart warn you of various diseases. You certainly need to visit a doctor.
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